Movie Review-Glee:The Concert Movie



Guest Reviewer: Melissa DePaolo

 I really wanted to hate “Glee The Concert”.  I did. Glee has become overexposed and while the first half of the first season was spectacular, the rest of the series has been uneven.  I really have no idea why I keep watching it. So, I really was not looking forward to this movie.            This movie consists of concert footage, behind-the-scenes footage of the characters (the actors stay in character during these vignettes), and some footage of gleeks (glee fans) at the show. The movie opened with “Don’t Stop Believin” and contained a song list that I think will at some point be included on a future “Best of Glee” compilation (there aren’t plans for one; I just think it’s inevitable).  Frankly, I’ve heard these songs so many times, it was hard to keep watching until Blaine (Darren Criss) and the Dalton Academy Warblers showed up. I started to really like the movie after they showed up.              The gleek footage included the stories of a gay teenager, a dwarf high school cheerleader, a girl with Asperger syndrome, and a little kid who is affectionately called “Mini-Warbler”.  They were interesting, but I think the movie focused on them a bit too much. It seemed like the movie was more focused on the popularity of Glee and less on the performances.

            Overall, “Glee the Concert” was not a bad experience. It had some great songs and performances by the Glee cast, but seemed to be more focused on the fans.  It’s only worth a rent for your favorite gleek.