Movie Review-( Double Shot)…Dust Devil and The Prophecy ( mini reviews)

Plot-Thanks to the kind folks at Echo Bridge Entertainment….Dust Devil is the story of Wendy who leaves her husband Mark..who was abusive to her. She travels west to a drought town they call Bethany. Once there she encounters a nomad/demon called the Dust Devil. This was Richard Stanley’s follow up to Hardware.

Review-The transfer of this film was very good. Considering this is the very first time I ever watched it so that may be unfair as I have nothing to grade it against. Echo Bridge get a lot of negative press on amazon by users, who if you guys read half of the can tell they hate the film more than the transfer. I did some research and you know the first time this film came out on dvd in 1993 it was priced at 24.99. This film for what it is, is vastly better than Hardware. Where Hardware was this punk/cyber hybrid film that tried so hard..this film feels like a epic horror film almost, like each scene matters. The Dust Devil can smell the town waiting to die, and from his form to his actions..this film is just from start to finish a fun film with only a few small flaws. Stanley clearly shows us he has a lot to prove with his direction and basic beauty of this film. It also has some of the most abstract images that are so odd they add a certain flair to the film. It can be described as atmospheric moody horror. Robert Burke as the Dust Devil was genius as was Chelsea Ward. Along the way- though the film sort of loses it’s identity from serial killer stuff to western. Stanley clearly tried to cater to so many genre’s and tastes with this film,and that was one of the only blatant dislikes of this film. Which has so much positive that it sucks to harp on the one negative I found with it. All in all, this was fun enough to recommend.

8 out of 10

Plot-Christopher Walken plays the angel Gabriel that comes to Earth to collect a soul which will end the tied up war in Heaven, and fear not humans … a former priest and a little girl could stop him…god how many sequels does this film actually have..6?

Review-When bad films come down the pike like Legion and Priest, I blame this film. This film could be in a horror hall of fame, as the most sequeled franchise that no one seems to know what separates part one from part 2,3 and etc…I am a fan of Christopher Walken and films like this you just know he eats up the scenes and overacts so much, that either we are going to praise him or damn him. This film, I will do both. Viggo Mortensen and Eric Stoltz do great jobs with their characters,and really give Walken something to work with. A warning if you are offended by films that plays around with biblical storytelling, you want to pass on this. This film was fun for the most part with what it was trying to attempt, but towards the end the film started to show its flaws and lose steam. I wont give away any spoilers, or go more into detail because if you have not watched the film yet, it would not be a great thing for you to know going into it. But, I will say this film really lost me towards the end and to know there are so many other films in this franchise worry me, cause if the first film final scenes are not that great..what can you build on and draw a viewer back with? It was not a total waste, but it had the makings of something really special esp. with that cast, that towards the end just got lost and left me wishing they would have re thought the final half hour.

6 out of 10