Movie Review-Don’t Let Him In

Coming to dvd this tuesday

Plot- Heading off for a weekend in the country, Paige and Calvin, allow Calvin’s sister to bring along one of her one night stands named Tristan, but in this log cabin they learn there is a serial killer on the loose. Why do all these cabin people go thru this drama? And will they stop The Tree Surgeon before he or she, kills again….

Review-Horror is starting to really milk any idea to death just to put out more films. We all know how these cabin films go. They are all going to hang out for a weekend, and they are so oblivious to anything around them and despite warnings, all have to stay because they will feel safer instead of trying to go back to safety. And, there is that one nut job who warns them to leave and impending terror that awaits them. The characters in this film range from one note to just flat, and when anything in this film seems to pick up the pace and get the film moving, it just seems to stop and go back in reverse. Even the kills in this film seem lazy and just ho hum. There are so many dead to the world cliches in this film, like a film that starts off with the ending, and then have to back peddle to show you how it all came to that point. Now, when Irreversible or Memento did them, it worked cause it was creative and seemed fresh..this film does not feel either. The actors as talented as they may be, are so boring and fake in this film that you almost want to yell at the screen to tell them to try and act. And for the sister to have so many one night stands, and been treated so bad by men and all that she sure is trusting of a total stranger so quickly. And the dialogue that lets the killer in the house the first time was horrid so much so that I really wanted to hang this film up there and call it a day. But, I made it all the way thru, esp…the awful and uninspired ending that actually was so predictable that my 7 year old niece would laugh.

This film has some ok moments in the middle that kept my hope alive, till the acting and ending killed it all together. It runs a little over 75 minutes and thank god, cause I did not see how this film could stretch any further. This film ran out of gas and smoke so fast that it just felt by the ending, they were coasting just to finish.

2 out of 10