Movie Review-Cold Sweat

January is the month, Hollywood dumps all its waste on the box office. When films that were pushed back so many times, finally get the chance to come out. When execs close their eyes and wish for the best. But, for home video..this has always been a strong month we get the end of the summer releases at the movie theaters and the first quarter titles that companies are really hoping fans will go out and support. That being said, Dark Sky Films, the company that gave you Stake Land, and Hatchet II ( among others) are pulling out their big guns on a director who has a lot of you fans talking right now. Without any more hesitation, this is Cold Sweat…

Coming to home video January 17th

Plot-From up and coming director Adrian Garcia Bogliano ( one of the many directors of the upcoming The ABC’s of Death). When Roman’s girlfriend maybe ex girlfriend ( they never fully tell us either but we assume both) Jackie disappears, him and his friend Ali go looking for her. Expecting her to be cheating on him, they soon find out something different. Brought to a house by false pretenses, she is locked in a basement by 2 demented old men and douced in nitroglyzerine. Can Ali and Roman save her, or will they suffer the same fate?

Review-I am not sure if this was a horror film, or a comedy. Let me give you an example…Around the 58 minute mark of a 80 minute film…a senior using a walker handling nitroglyzerine and chasing a crawling victim … in one of the kill scenes..a man tosses nitroglyzerine at another man to make him explode… you with me so far, in very slow motion. This film was very light on the dialogue, but heavy on the fun and gore. They give you some subplots that make no sense, lke the first few minutes..they give you a story about this secret service organization stealing crates of dynamite from this one. And like another film, The Loved Ones, this film also has that basement with some kind of victims or zombie slaves or maybe prisoners. And I wont even talk about the math equation. They build it up so much, that why within the 20 minute mark after only 2 really key scenes with it, do they abandoned it? I will not go into more detail, but I will say..that this film really was searching for something to carry it. Now, that being said. What the first 35 minutes did not deliver, which is a lot. The last 45 minutes did. This film soon became from some hardcore explosives on foreheads and serious film, to comedy. And the comedy aspect along with the gore, worked. When this film found its footing, it was fun. The lead characters, were ok to a point, but they really did not have much to work with in terms of development and script. But, they created some very tense moments. Esp. the scenes with the gel on their foreheads and you know it could explode at any time. That worked. The 2 old seniors were a different twist in this genre. Which leads me to another plot hole it seemed like. One of the seniors got winded taking a dead body down the in the hell can he go 15 minutes in a fight full speed?

This film had a lot of positives, cause it seems like I am harping on things I did not like. It delivers on the gore, and it is not cheap or cheesy looking. There is an explosion scene that really came out of nowhere that was cool. And the scene with one of the seniors and a syringe and he is dousing his neighbors…was just funny and wicked. And the two female leads really gave us some cool moments to talk about. I like the concept of this film, it is a little different and that to me is major points. 2 old seniors with explosives create a gel that keeps their victims still. From putting bottles of nitro on foreheads to watching sweat create both acid and explosions when connecting with the ground, this deserves points for at least thinking outside the box. All in all, I think this film is a step in the right direction in terms of where horror needs to go. Very kick ass fun time. And how in the hell can that girl get undressed in slow motion covered in explosives and not blow up…

8 out of 10