Movie Review-Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Coming to dvd and vod early summer 2012

Plot-The year is 1977, and a group of so called christians are going to a weekend of fun at Happy Day Bible Camp. ( which the locals have called Bloody Bloody Bible Camp because of what happened to some other christians 7 years ago) Little do they know they are about to come face to face with Sister Mary Chopper.

Review-It is such a strange time right now for independent film makers. While most studios look toward what hollywood is putting out as the norm, films that dare to break away from the stereotype and push and mesh genres together, are always so hard to market. Where many moons ago, people either thought indie films were hollywood knockoffs, or small films starring stars from yesteryear that were not forgiven for that bad career advice they did not listen to. In the last few years with films like this, we are starting to learn that indie films are the alternative to what Hollywood wis to have you believe is entertainment and what a film is. A film like this serves many masters but caters to none of them at the same time. It is unconventional, controversial and highly entertaining for the most part. This film tackles a subject that the american population finds no humor in and that is religion. You can fuck with 9/11, make light of abortion, racism, tackle how bad america is and how stupid people are..and they will sit there like sheep and follow the film, but you take religion and make light of it or even in this film, just mock it to the point that people will get offended, people do not take to that lightly. And, that is sad, cause they will be missing a fun fucking film. This film will do for religious retreats what Klown Kamp Massacre did for clowns. This film is non apologetic and very over the top in both it’s amazing gore work and it’s very offensive and often perverted sense of inmature comedy. You have Reggie Bannister who plays a father, who takes his congregation on this field trip and you know from the get go that almost every one of these christians are not what they seem. Brother Zeke, steals every scene he is in. From his flat out delivery to the point that you just know, this guy has no business being part of anything religious. From staring at girls undressing, to smoking pot, to encouraging a fellow christian about getting women drunk to take advantage of them. Then, there is this overweight kid called Timmy, who you just know from the get go has some fucking major issues. ( And I pray, this is a act..but according to sources this character may be more real than fictional in the portrayal) From a scene where the other guys are giving him a hard time for having a boner cause it is a sin. In which he goes in a bathroom and does something that is truly out of some Todd Solondz script. Kudos to Vito for being ballsy with the scene and not caving in to some PC bs. This scene alone is the selling point as to what seperates this film from what hollywood sells you as comedy and cutting edge.

Then, there is Cinema Head Cheese scribe David C Hayes also in this film-I will be honest..this is the man’s best role to date. And all you Tucker and Dale fans, give him a shot. David really has fun as JJ. And, I loved his part as the finale started to unfold. That was flat out funny as all fuck. Now, the issues I had with this film. And, truly this film would have got a 10..if not for the last 10 minutes and one certain element- Ron Jeremy. Which i will not spoil. But, I have to mention something pertaining to it. Ron Jeremy was funnier in the trailer than the film. His 10 minutes just felt flat. And for a comedy/horror film that was gas to the pedal and trying so hard to establish itself as something as the alternative I felt the Jeremy part was stale and made them look like they felt they had to do it. I really hope on the set of this film a few of these guys had a chance to do couch time with a shrink, cause from Tim Sullivan, Matthew Aidan as the confused wanna be jock, Christopher Raff as Timmy and for Vito getting all this out of them in this film..they all have some issues that may need to be addressed. But, shit if this film was not amazingly fun for the most part. And Jessica Sonneborn is a star. And she has some of the most absurd one liners that really were not only flat out funny but so odd that you really sit there and feel for her bimbo character esp. when she finds out there may be loopholes in the bible, and one of them pertaining to Sodomy. And, in closing best opening sequence of the year…loved the opening credits. That alone would make me recommend this film….I think I need some couch time as well with a shrink..I am going to burn in hell for laughing so much and having fun with this film. This is a must see…..

8.5 out of 10