Movie Review-American Maniacs ( formerly known as Fetch)

Before I start this review, a special thanks to Chris Conduit ( aka the Conduit Speaks) who turned me on to this film.

Plot-Originally titled Fetch…From up and coming director C.M.Downs comes a story about a group of young christians who have been abducted in a small town in Kansas. As we are in this mystery about the kids we learn that not everyone in this town is who they seem to be. I wont spoil this at all…but I will say, this film has one of the most fucked up endings that will make you talk..and talk a lot. Oh my god, how indie films have grown up….plus I just found out the C.M. stands for Crazy Motherfucker. And did I mention the end of this film…oh wow, is this different.

Plot-This film almost feels like if The Devil’s Rejects and Fargo had a love child. You talk about a film that gets your attention. I think Christopher Downs had a idea of what kind of audience he wanted to reach with this film, as the opening credits begin he has loud music and it is filmed inside a strip club. This film gives you the idea, this is just small town Kansas or any town USA. But, when the characters all come into play, you kinda learn quickly that maybe this is not any small town. From a -on-the-outside regular sheriff who brings a young girl to the house for her to get out of jail time by giving him a blow job in front of his sick wife to the local out of jail locals who are planning a heist. And let us not forget the focal point of this film, the abduction of these kids in this area and how the town is turned upside down trying to figure this out. The first thing I noticed about this film, was the camera work. You can tell CM is a storyteller, and it seems like almost every scene or shot, has some meaning to it. This is the kind of film, that if you blink you may miss something. More than anything and I noticed this in a lot of smaller so called horror films in the last few years, it is more character based. And for a film like this to work, you have to tell a great story and really depend heavily on the talents of the cast. Which in this film is so true. The characters make the film. This film is ugly, and I will say that again…this film is ugly. It is dirty, cruel, not politically correct, very violent and most of all very entertaining. It has horror aspects to it, it has a hooded person who kidnapped and tortures all these kids..but other than that, it is very extreme in its manner of abuse and treatment of people. This film paints a picture that people treat other people just like garbage and have no cares in the world for anyone else but themselves. As each character has their own agendas and motives to do what they are doing. In a way you pity each character, even the masked abductor, cause when the pieces of this puzzle all come together, the picture it painted was that in the end we are all victims and victimizers. CM Downs has made a film that clearly shows the ugly side of Americana.

I remember a long time ago, when you said the word ” indie film” people either thought it was a cheap rip off of a hollywood film or some major studio putting out some cheap and small film to get more money off of with a milliom dollar ad campaign claiming it is indie. All I can say is, if you fans have no idea about indie films 2009-2012, this film will open your eyes very fast and show you that indie films are now the litmus paper to film making. This is a smart film, and may not be the film for the casual fan who has to go see every sequel and remake, and anything hollywood says is scary. This is for the people who crave change and want that something different feeling and uneasy that creeps into your system as each shot and scenario unfolds. I can truly say, the closing shot of this film, will leave you speechless. Everyone talks about the ending to Serbian Film, and how that was so this or that…trust me, this film gives you something that will make you feel very uncomfortable but yet, you have to see it to see how fucked Downs is. No question, Christopher Downs has some deep rooted issues, and please do not cure them. This film is a must.

8.5 out of 10