Metal Review: Black Skies: On the Wings of Time (2011)

Black Skies On the Wings of TimeOn the Wings of Time is an album full of energy from elements of punk, stoner metal, sludge, rock and a little bit of almost everything else. This self-released gem is an album that you should get your hands on as soon as you can. It is well put together and very engaging. I have been hooked on it for a few days now and know that I will get a lot of airplay out of this one.

With only 8 songs, but nearly an hour of music, you are sure to find something in here that you will like. There are many good songs on this one that it is hard to single out any individual tracks. Trust me, they are all worth it.

So, if you are looking for some good old-fashioned tuned down metal to turn up on your system, look no further. This is good eats.

Said Creative Loafing of On The Wings Of Time: “BLACK SKIES play like an amped-up version of Sleep: think stoner metal on a caffeine bender. It’s visceral hard rock defined by low-end, hypnotic riffing.” Added  The Kalidiaries: “On the Wings of Time is a head banging punk rock ear fest with a loverly heavy grunge metal tinge… It’s a loud cacophony of guitars with understated vocals. It’s music to lose yourself in.”