Metal Review: Azaghal: Nemesis (2012)

Azaghal: Nemesis (2012)One of the oldest and most respected names in the legendary Finnish black metal scene, Azaghal return with their first new album in nearly three years, and it is a hotly anticipated release. Even though Nemesis is Azaghal’s ninth studio album and given their history, the band never seems to age. Nemesis shows that their fire burns even more fierce than ever.

The production on Nemesis is somewhat cleaner than is expected from this genre of metal, but Azaghal does not always follow the tried and true form of classic black metal. Sure, you still have the blastbeats and droning riffs at times, but mix these black elements with tremolo picking and melodic aspects and you have Azaghal’s sound. Azaghal seems to be one step ahead of what the classic black metal sound is.

There are so many standouts on this release, but if I could single out two tracks that I am in love with, I would pick Black Legions of Satan and the title track, Nemesis. Black Legions of Satan is not a true black metal song, but is so jamming that you have to fall in love with it. Nemesis definitely has that black metal feel, but with more melodic aspects to it.

Even though I gave extra attention to two of the tracks on the album, that in no way should draw too much attention away from the other tracks. The album itself is unreal with so many great songs. I think that I already have one of my top 10 releases of 2012 picked out.

Nemesis Track Listing:
1.  De Masticatione Mortuorum
2.  Pohjoisen Valkoinen Kuolema
3.  Vihasta Ja Veritöistä
4.  Hail the Whore
5.  Ex Nihilo
6.  The Baying of the Dead
7.  Black Legions of Satan
8.  Nemesis
9.  The Pit of Shoggoths
10. Satanic Devotion