Metal Review: Abigail Williams – Becoming

Abigail Williams - BecomingLet me be honest with you for a minute. I was not a fan of Abigail Williams before this album for a few reasons. There was just something about the band that never sat well with me. After the release of Becoming, I have to eat crow now because Sorceron has put together a fine piece of metal that simply cannot be ignored.

Ken Sorceron has said that he tries to make each album unique is style and sound and he sure has. Becoming is a much more darker, black metal sounding release than previous efforts and that suits me just fine. While only containing six tracks, each track is unique and well thought out. There are plenty of highlights on this one, so fans of black metal should surely check it out.

Mixed by vocalist/guitarist Sorceron with Michael Keene (The Faceless). Becoming contains over 60-minutes of new material and features art by Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Watain, Ulver).

About The Album
With over 45,000 albums sold in the US, the always evolving Abigail Williams continues their sonic transformation. Clocking in at nearly seventy minutes in length, Becoming ushers in a provocative new chapter for the adventurous band. Six songs, truly the band’s most expressive and complicated, make this one unexpected ride for already long-time fans of the band but more so for those that are new to their sonic palette. Let no presumption of past dictate – this is simply a record to be heard.

Becoming features vocalist/guitarist Sorceron with guitarist Ian Jekelis, and studio drummer Zach Gibson (The Black Dahlia Murder).

Becoming Track Listing:
1. Ascension Sickness
2. Radiance
3. Elestial
4. Infinite Fields of Mind
5. Three Days of Darkness
6. Beyond the Veil
7. Akasha (digital only)

Also Available
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