Movie Review-The Hunters

Coming to dvd and blu ray this tuesday

Plot-This film starts off with a hunt, and then all of a sudden backtracks a week to show us the events that led us to that point. We learn about a cop who is set to escort an informant into custody. We also see the ups and downs, downward spirals of the 4 hunters. And how fate led, the cop and informant to the hunters.

Review-This film felt like it was unfinished. Like the director somehow confused himself. This film is back-story heavy. The running time is 1 hour and 51 minutes, and 45 minutes was all back-story. The film starts off with our cop on the run from the hunters. Then, stops and rewinds itself a week earlier so we know how fate has led all parties to this point. This film also boasts Glee girl Dianna Agron as one of the main stars. She has a few scenes here and there, but to list her as a main star is misleading. She is probably in 15 minutes of the film, and oh wow are those 15 minutes awful. She basically plays the girl that comes in and out of the cop’s life. And then when the finale is about to happen and the big pay off, she ruins the ending when she shows up and I wont spoil anything but that is the worst scene in any film I have seen this year. Absolutely horrible.

The first 45 minutes were so boring. The backstories of how each hunter has it so hard in their existence is supposed to make you feel for them and why they do what they do. But, how can you feel sorry for someone who hunts and kills people for a living? Then this cop character whose whole life has been flashbacks from when he was in the army and how hard he has had it. If this film toned down the backstory and chopped about 25 minutes off of it, the film would have been so much better. I can sit here and say, I do not see anyone who will sit thru this and tell me after they do, the film was amazing. The film seems to advance from brakes to gas, and the next 55 minutes are just insane. From kills, to masturbating men with dead heads. This just felt like a different film. It was a solid action film and had some decent kills. Then, the build up to the finale.awful horrible and just plain unacceptable. When Dianna and her boyfriend pop up in Fort Goben, I literally wanted to throw something at the tv. It ruined the entire finale and made the pay off just cheaper than it was.

This film is one of those parts are greater than the whole. For the 55 minutes that was sort of fun and ok, there was over 56 minutes that I wanted to completely shut the tv off and just not watch this at all. This film I bet seemed great on paper, and probably felt good making..but the end result is just a joke.

2.5 out of 10

  • Michael Patty

    A highly unusual juxtaposition of numerous styles and character types, with a plot that seemed more like a drug-induced dream than a real story, this film will leave you either reeling from boredom, or reeling from shock.

    It’s definitely not for the american-style movie viewer. It has elements of a crime story, a horror story, and one of those odd off-the-wall and just-plain-weird movies that defy categorization. But if you want something REALLY different, you’re not expecting a sensible plot structure, and you have a high tolerance for a very boring introduction, then maybe this is the movie for you. Or maybe not.

    The stars of the show are all little known actors, mostly American. Which is odd, itself, considering that it takes place in Luxembourg. Why on earth are a bunch of American psychos hunting people in Luxembourg? These aren’t mega-rich psychos. No. These are just ordinary guys you wouldn’t look twice at on the subway. Why are they in Luxembourg? Why so many Americans? Why is the chief of police an American? Why is the main protagonist French? It’s like a bizarre mash-up of cultures.

    Oh, and yes, Dianna Agron is in it. If you are thinking about watching it for her, you might want to re-think that. JamesD said in HIS review, she only has about 15 minutes in the film, with her popping in and out of the protagonist’s life like an exceptionally pretty jack-in-the-box. I didn’t find those moments awful, as JamesD apparently did, but I’m a bit biased (being a Dianna Agron fan). Her acting talent wasn’t really given much of a chance to shine, with the small part and flat, unrealistic and under-realized dialog. She does look beautiful in a white winter coat. 🙂

    To sum it all up, it’s like a sandwich with six different and opposing condiments, three different kinds of moldy bread, and a little bit of tasty meat in the center (poor Dianna would probably hate my analogy, since she’s a vegetarian). If you can live with the stuff around it, the meat might be worth your time. Otherwise, order Chinese.

    4.5 / 10

  • Jack Black

    This is the worst movie i’ve ever seen…about had a anuerism just watching it….it is mid boggling and didn’t come together as a whole.