Movie Review-The Headless Lover ( mini review)

Plot-The Headless Lover is a 27 minute Danish short in the vein of Creepshow’s Father Day. The film revolves around main character Sascha. Sascha, is married to a wealthy older man, but is fooling around behind his back with a singer named Paolo. The first few minutes we see Paolo and Sascha have sex while Paolo sings to her, but then she stops and leaves him with blue balls. While sitting at home with her husband, Paolo starts calling her again and again wanting her to finish him off. So, William and Sascha go to this event, and Paolo is the king crooner on stage. After the show, she slips away from her husband and meets up with Paolo, and of course Paolo wants her to finish the job. So, during sex….her husband catches them in the act and she instead of admitting what is going on, Sascha claims she is being raped. So, she tries to kill Paolo, she puts her pump thru his eye. They end up burying Paolo, and of course, you know he will not stay dead. So, they trap him in the freezer and after he gets away, they behead him, but he is still not dead..he is walking around carrying his head and wanting her to finish..that is his zombie saying..I am not finished.

Review-This film has a ton of blood and gore and if you are a fan of Creepshow, you may have a good time with it. Keep in mind, it is in Danish with subtitles. I had a good time with the characters and the script was not too bad, my only down on this..was that some of the dialogue was kind of ho hum. Now, at the 13 minute mark, the film had no faults and was a good time. The first 13 was hit and miss, depending on how you feel about the tone and characters would be the test if you are the fan this film is for. I had a good time, and did not mind the film that much. If this review interests you, i know he has a little pay site, that you can watch this online. Hopefully, we can see what he can do with a bigger budget and a longer film. I am interested in seeing what is next.

7 out of 10