Movie Review-Roid Rage

Plot-This 14 minute short is about Sammy Jenkins. When the film opens we learn he is just mad at the world, and plans on taking it out on everyone he encounters. As dead bodies start to accumulate, we learn he has a bad roid problem. Think Basket Case as a shit demon.

Review-I have not been this impressed by a short in quite a while. This delivers so much bang, that I was left hoping that they make this a full length feature which lo and behold at the end they give us a trailer in the credits for a Roid Rage film in 3D. This film obviously does not take itself serious and knows what it is in the first opening scene. You have a dead hooker, and roid cream beside her. Sammy Jenkins we learn has a ass demon that causes him to have roids. And, if you are sitting there thinking that this film will not deliver, you would be sadly wrong. Not only does this film deliver all the gross out gore, it delivers some pretty impressive blood and killings that you question how could they have pulled it off on the budget they had. This film is not only creative but it is truly a film that when you shut it off, you will talk.

This short left a lot of things open for a full length or follow up, but it also makes you think can this concept be successful in a longer film? My answer is maybe..they pulled it off very well for 14 minutes and they really leave you wanting more. Plus you have the subplots that were building– like the officer who got away, and also the company he works for that created this ass demon in a unsafe working environment and his revenge he wants to take. If you are a fan of Hobo with a Shotgun and Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and how they are truly taking grindhouse to new exciting will be a fan of this as well.

9 out of 10