Movie Review-Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Give it up to 20th Century Fox, they took X Men’s-The Last Stand bad taste out of our mouths, with the First Class revamp of the franchise. Now, they do it again with another origins film…Rise of the Planet of the Apes, this takes the taste out of our mouths of the lousy remake Tim Burton tried and failed at. And the funny part is when I saw the first trailers during the super bowl last year I admit it did not look appealing. James Franco and a bunch of CGI apes..that is a tough sell, then throw in Rupert Wyatt who really has no experience in major films. I admit, I was one of the ones who was scared that my memories of the original and the early films would be destroyed with the hate Hollywood has showed our precious memories with these bad to worst remakes and sequels. But, this is the rare occasion of the remake maybe being on par with the original.

Plot-This film centers around Dr Will Rodman who is creating this drug called AOZ112, they have tried it in apes and it seems to increase their brain matter. He seems to think it it some nero genesis cure to Althmizers. ( kinda like Deep Blue Sea almost, where they tested a drug on a shark and did not get the result they wanted and the sharks wanted their revenge) We learn that Will’s dad has alzheimer and that is his logic in trying to create this cure. Well, when chimp 12 gets aggressive and goes on a rampage, they kill it..but we learn she had a child named Caesar. And, Will takes this baby home to raise it. While raising this ape, they learn that the drug works as Will’s father has a cure temporarily. When the cure wears off, and one day dad goes outside to try and start a car, and gets the ire up of the car’s owners is when Caesar goes outside to defend him..and they lock him up with other Apes. There, Caesar starts to communicate with the other apes..and gets some of the drug to them to make them smarter, and together they are going to rise.

Review-I remember being in a test screening for Burton’s Planet of the Apes with Mark Walberg. The theater was packed for the opening credits, and by the end of the film about 90 percent left their score cards behind and left. Rupert must have taken notes and knew what his strengths were and used them. And that is strong story telling and Andy Serkis as Caesar. This film has such a creative flow through out, you had to know the cast and crew had a blast doing this film. I loved the building of Caesar from baby to leader of the Apes. It was just a great deal of amazing storytelling and paying attention to detail. The first part of the film is basically the back story about how the apes became united, and the last half of the film is the amazing final battle between the human and apes which was breathtakingly beautifully shot. Andy Serkis deserves so much credit for really elevating what to expect from the apes. Unlike Tim Burton’s where the Apes wore cosmetics and they had to throw in some confusing dialogue and too smart for its own good twist ending that made as much sense as why I stuck around to see it. This film makes up for all the sins Burton committed with his awful remake. And James Franco really gave Will some dept and there is some moments in this film that may upset little kids like when Caesar has to be locked up, or in the start where some hunters take a ape out of it’s habitat to be a lab experiment.

All in all, what a amazing stocking stuffer this blu ray can make the biggest Apes fans…and get two commentary tracks – one with director Rupert Wyatt, who really seems to be a fan of the franchise and even excited over just how well it all turned out, and the other with writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, who take their time explaining the ideas and plot points. It’s clear this duo were fans of the films, and their chemistry on the track is a treat. From there we have several featurettes covering a lot of ground from moviemaking to educational offers pertaining to several types of primates, an eight-minute look at the film’s sound effects and music, a multi-angle look at the Rocket Cookie scene, twelve deleted scenes that clock in at a around twelve minutes long, and finally a piece on the genius of Andy Serkis. Add on a couple of galleries and three trailers…which was tons of fun. This is a must..I cannot wait to see the next entry into this new and revived franchise…congrats Fox….

9 out of 10

Special features
• Audio commentary by director Rupert Wyatt
• Audio commentary by writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver
• Pre-vis for The Future featurette
• Capturing Caesar – Script to Screen featurette
• Studying the Genius of Andy Serkis featurette
• A New Generation of Apes featurette
• Breaking Motion Capture Boundaries featurette
• Breaking New Sound Barriers: The Music and Sound Design of Rise of the Planet of the Apes featurette
• Multi-Angle: Rocket Cookie Scene
• Ape Facts
• Character Concept Art Gallery
• Deleted scenes
• Three theatrical trailers