Movie Review-Rage

Plot-Rage is the odd combination of Fatal Attraction meets Duel. The film tells the story of Dennis a mid 30’s guy who is having an affair behind his wife’s back. The film basically starts off with Dennis going to park his car and a biker looking at him. After he parks his car, he talks to his mistress Dana and tells her ” it is over and I love my wife”. She informs him, ” did you love your wife when you were putting your dick in me each time”. And at the heat of the moment, she makes a threat to tell his wife and that her boyfriend who is out of jail knows that they been together. We learn from Dennis that this is part of a mid life crisis he seems to be going thru. Unhappy with how things are going in his life, and not being in a better place than he is, which in turn made him get the attention of a mistress to help him feel better about himself. Well, after this meeting between the two, we soon learn that this motorcyclist who was eyeballing Dennis has something in mind. As he follows him out of the parking lot, and plays a deadly cat and mouse game with him.

Review-For every 3 positives that this film has going for it, there is at least one negative. The ” Duel” aspect of this film, I enjoyed somewhat, it was not original by any means, but it was fun. There is this 10 minute scene with Dennis hiding in the parking garage that really worked for me. You genuinely were in that car with him wondering when and where the motorcyclist was going to be at. The film had a great tense feeling that in some scenes worked very well, but for stuff like the home invasion direction the film decided to go into around the hour mark, felt like it was trying too hard. Now, the chainsaw scenes were cool and a great detour for the film not to be bogged down. But, as the case with a lot of smaller films, Rage put so much thought into the directions of the film and trying to cover every base, that the ending shows you just how much they over think the film and under think the ending. The film built up to something that you had to see, and this ending was so flat that I almost wanted to see if this was maybe the alternative ending and that there was a better real one. The ending is unforgivable. Now, the hour and 20 minutes heading into it, was hit and miss. I thought that Dennis did not show his fear or predictament like a normal person would have, if this was really happening and someone breaks into your house, would you just stand around and say to your wife ” oh I have something to tell you honey and start ordering her around”. I loved the cat and mouse aspect, and the chase scenes really were well shot and acted. The bathroom scene was also very tense. The Fatal Attraction part of this film, was almost painful to watch. It was like improv school 101. Now, I love the dialogue and the back and forth banter between mistress Dana and dimwit Dennis. I just hated the actors doing the scenes. Dana did not fit in, and the more she talked the more phony it came across. And, you know the wife is going to find out..and that was even odd cause nothing was said by her to find out her life long love has cheated on her, not one word. Which created such a awkward place and moment in film history, for what she was going thru when the idiot was spilling his guts. Which was also not as amazing as it should have been. I am not sure who to point a finger at and criticize..the actors or director…so let’s put the blame on all involved in that scene that should have really been more graphic and gripping. Instead it felt forced and so paint by the numbers.

The Rage was like eating potato chips for dinner. It was good at first and had a few rough spots here and there, but the ending was not filling and it left me wanting a real dinner. Though, there is enough to recommend this to you guys. The cat and mouse game scenes between the motorcyclist and Dennis shows me that Chris Witherspoon has some major talent, and lord knows hollywood has tried this formula with bigger budgets and failed way worst than this film was. Plus I watched this all the way thru and was not bored or looking at my watch..always a good sign

7 out of 10