Movie Review-Point Blank

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Plot-What if Jason Bourne was in Die Hard with subtitles? This film is about Samuel who is a intern/ male nurse in training, and one night while working his rounds, he notices someone messing with one of the patients. He saves the guy life, but little does he know, he is about to regret this decision. The next day, his pregnant wife is kidnapped and now Samuel has to take the patient to the kidnappers for his wife, this is when the shit hits the fan. Lots of chases, and who is who stuff going on.

Review-I admit, I am a sucker for a good action film. It can be the same formula over and over, and I am going to be entertained. This film in the first ten minutes were somewhat confusing. Hugo Sartet who we learn later is a cat burglar and computer tech that is on the hire for any job. As the film starts off we watch him get chased down and during the chase he gets hit by a motorcycle. And that minute the cops come and the guys who were chasing him, think he is dead and leave him. Then, when thru their police connection, ( cause you had to know there was going to be dirty police) they find out he is alive and this time when trying to finish the deal gets chased by a male nurse. Now, they go to his house and kidnap his wife and demand him to bring them Hugo. Now, I am not going to defend how a guy on a life respirator fighting for his life in a coma almost, can run around and fight people…but this film had some of the best chase scenes I have seen in quite a while. Like the one in the train station, where they are trying to chase Samuel and have someone in the security room telling them where Samuel is heading. It leads to a scene with the train that was unreal. This film creates such a atmosphere with its tone and characters, that you are not so sure who is on whose team, which leads us to the final battle which was quite possibly even better than the train scene. This film felt like a Die Hard film. That things happen to the ordinary guy that turns him into the out of the ordinary hero. The dialogue was perfect, and the storytelling was good. Though again not to harp on this too much, the first ten minutes of the film almost felt like you walked into a movie late and have to catch up. Though, as the film progresses they explain it all.

Again the French create a film that you just know, you will see an americanized bastardization of. Though, the ending they sort of cheapened the movie somewhat. I love happy endings, but the mood of this film was so dark and intense, that you almost were hoping for the anti ending. The last 5 minutes just felt like it was a different film almost. Magnet again shows why it is on the cutting edge of films. This with I saw the Devil would be a great double bill. This is at least better than the last few Bruce Willis Die Hards.

This is a great example of how films in this genre should be shot.

7.5 out of 10