Movie Review-Mutilation Man

Plot-Roy and Jessica are just your ordinary couple. Till one night after a hot night of passion, they are tied up and tortured in their own house, by a masked man known as ‘ the mutilation man”. Does he want to kill them, punish them or is there any motive for this behavior…and is this Brain Damage films next franchise? All this and more coming soon in the review…

Review-Talk about a film studio who seems to have it hard with people. If they make a good film, no one ever gives them credit but when they fail..the internet is all over them. This film right away because of the killer’s mask, will get a lot of people thinking it is some Laid to Rest clone…This film is no clone of anything…also this film is the first film I have seen in a very long time, that I thought the first half was so bad..that it would not get better..and lord did it not only get better but made me want to see what they will do with this franchise. Talk about a punch. The brothers Cole first half of the film were so restrained. The first death scene in the film made me think this film did not have a chance. It was done so poorly. But, when Mutilation Man starts torturing Roy and Jessica this film makes up for any wrong it did before. Lord, is this film fucking brutal. It is just violent and the gore is just so simple that it stood out for just making the scenes mean so much more. You almost feel their pain. Esp. one scene that involves a board, his wife and her toes. How clever was that scene. It was just so ridiculously thought up but so effective in it’s approach. And, thank god they did not cave into to the stereotypical films that do this sort of storyline. And, there is a twist in the film that you almost think they are behind the camera thinking…we are going to fuck with these people and have them eating out of palms with the next scene..and they did. And during the credits they almost set up what the future is going to be..and it looks very bright.

While this film is no classic, it is a fun slice of indie slasher fun without the big screen bullshit hollywood gives you. For you fans who paid 40 to 50 dollars to go and see Scream 4 on opening night, you should at least see this film for almost 1/3 the price and have some kind of fun with it. The acting is what you would expect in these films, and the situations are at least smarter than your average b movie horror fest. I would say, Brain Damage deserves a lot of credit for at least trying to establish new directors and stars…this film could make horror fans at least smile and know people are trying to entertain us and not dumb us down.

7 out of 10