Movie Review-Little Deaths

Coming to home video December 13th

This is a collection of 3 short films that loosely touch on their subjects of rather twisted stories about sex and death. The first one is called House and Home. This is about a religious couple who lure homeless girls into their house for sick sexual fun, but this time they picked the wrong girl. Number 2 is Mutant Tool. It is about a doctor who takes in these ” nazi” experiments. Which involves a drug made from human semen, from a lab rat who is fed crushed up human kidneys. When a ex strung out hooker tries these pills, she starts to feel his pain and has some very fucked up hallucinations. Number 3 is Bitch…Directed by Red, White and Blue’s own Simon Rumley..This is the most fucked up short about dependency and sexual games that are even more mental than I can even think about trying. And a ending to this film that you are not going to stop talking about, even when it is over.

I will start off with Bitch. Simon Rumley has talent, and for fans who liked his previous works like The Living and the Dead and last year’s sleeper Red, White and Blue will agree safe film making is not in his vocabulary. This revolves around Claire and Pete. Claire definitely wears the pants in this relationship, and every time Pete tries to take the pants for himself to wear, she demeans him. Like a scene she is having sex with his best friend in front of him, or another scene where after Pete and her have sex, she rolls over and uses a vibrator on herself. If you think, that is not so bad. Pete puts on his dog mask, and acts like a dog. Claire has this fear of dogs in reality, but at home she makes Pete her own dog. And when Pete uses the bathroom in her panties drawer is when the film really got odd. She uses a dildo on him. And the scene where Claire was having sex with his friend, he comes in the room on all fours with that dog mask. You look at his expression in that scene, it was so heartbreakingly cruel and sad. Even after the ending and a day later, I could not get that image out of my head. And the last five minutes are so odd, and you know they are building towards something, but what you get..Simon Rumley has to be major. Too much fucking talent…I loved Bitch.

House and Home, Richard and Victoria are these god loving christians that in the first few minutes you just know, there is more than on the surface. Richard is watching a young female homeless prostitute. And the day her guy friend is not with her, Richard brings the girl to his house. Once there you just know something is wrong. They drug her wine during dinner and then she wakes up tied to a bed. But, she turns the tables on her perpetrators. This was a all out gore fest. While the script and acting were ok, it was the twist of the film that made this film matter. And, compared to the other two films this just felt like the lesser of the bunch, but it was still good for what it was.

Mutant Tool, talk about the most entertaining and confusing head fuck. Jenn is a down on her luck ex junkie and hooker who goes to see Dr Reese who put her on these pills that can help her. What this really means, gets her hooked on an addictive brain wipe pill that can open up her third eye and make her sees things that could be real. And the pills are produced thru semen, which they show you in very graphic detail how they get the pills made. I know it is a film and supposed to make me think, but this freaked me out so bad. How would I act if I woke up in a lab hooked up by my penis to a tube eating people’s insides to produce some miracle semen. This was graphic and very intense. But, holy fuck was it fun.

All 3 of these films are bleak, disturbing and more than likely will have you talking about it much after you watched it. This is not a film, it is a experiment in what one person can call entertainment and another will call offensive. This film challenges you to look. This is a must see for any horror fan. If you are into experimental theater and a different kind of film, this is your savior. To me, this film is perfect..and for the price of the dvd alone..both Mutant Tool and Bitch deliver more than enough to make you glad you watched. House and Home was not bad, but compared to the other will not be talking much about it even though, it will entertain you. The top ten list of 2011 is getting more and more entries daily. This film will be in it….it has to be. I will never see a film like this again…

10 out of 10