Movie Review-Intruder

Synapse Films dip into their vault of goodies with a real “cult classic”. When originally first released in 1989 this film had quite a few aliases or working titles among them were Night Crew and Night Crew-The Final Checkout and a million different UK ones. Directed by Sam Raimi regular Scott Spiegel. If this name is ringing a bell with you, not the Sam Raimi which should ring many bells but Scott’s name. He took From Dusk to Dawn and went in a different direction for the first sequel Blood Money and also most recently put his twist again but this time it was on the Hostel franchise with the very good Part 3. And of course, you know if he is a Raimi regular, his film will have the Raimi brothers in it as well as Dan Hicks and Bruce Campbell. It is just a written rule, you cannot do anything for Raimi without having his friends and family. This film takes place on a closing night at a grocery store. After some trouble with the main cashier and her boyfriend ( or ex) they seem to flip flop that a few times, they close the store and one by one the people doing inventory are the victims of a slasher in the store with them. This film was originally out on a rated R version which I will say right now, I originally watched and thought..” oh they could have done so much more with the gore” not worry Synapse heard our vhs bad copies cry and did this unrated version which is spot on pretty cool. First the sound and picture are truly heads and shoulders above the vhs by a million miles. You can see and hear this the way it originally was meant to be heard. Now, if you do not have a blu ray system…fear not, they also include the dvd version. So find someone and go halfsies on this who does have a blu ray player or PS3.

Onto the film review, this film was put out in the same year the MPAA wanted to start cracking down on films and try and tame horror. They felt with films like Evil Dead 2, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday and Halloween that horror was getting out of hand. This was also the time the NC17 was not only being born but used a lot. ( Henry and June being the first ever NC17 film…some useless trivia). Does Intruder fit in today’s horror field? You know what, with all these films that try and recapture the 80’s and even 70’s…this film felt like a blue print of all that was fun and good in 80’s horror. You get kills almost out of the Fulci playbook and you get cheese, not the bad cheese..the fun cheese. Like the 2 plus minute cameo by Bruce Campbell, you almost expected to see him just completely ham it up for shits and giggles. And, if this is one night, why did they have like 3 different issues of tv guide on the newsstand? And not only that, they point it out so obviously that you know the film is making fun of itself.

All in all, I am a fan of Scott. And this film was a welcome excuse to relive my favorite era of horror…the 80’s one more time, with a film that deserves an audience and deserves by all means to be seen. Another home run for Synapse…..and if you have the censored vhs of this break it, and buy this immediately. You get about 11 extra minutes of blood and gore which is more than enough to recommend. Plus it is the holidays, stuff a stocking with this gem.

8.5 out of 10