Movie Review-Ice Quake

Coming to dvd and blu ray January 3rd 2012

Plot-From syfy tv movie icon in the making Paul Ziller, it is Christmas eve in Alaska..and under the landscape we wtiness the permafrost starting to thaw, thru this– underground rivers of volatile liquid Methane are created, causing a succession of violent and destructive earthquakes. Why does no one listen to Al Gore? Anyway, military geologist Michael Webster and his family’s snowy wilderness hike to cut down a Christmas tree leaves them trapped by huge ice geysers, giant avalanches and enormous cracks in the permafrost. You had to know if Paul Ziller is behind it, there will be a family in peril.

Review-If you expect too much out of a film, you may not like this film. But, if you expect very little, you will have fun. This film is b movie syfy channel junk. Not to say it is bad, but it is like eating a candy bar for dinner. There is nothing in this film that sets it apart from the other 100 that have dominated the tv and video stores. There is a order to the madness of these films…you get the opening sequence where something bad happens and it will put everyone in danger, then you get the family who are innocent and so fun loving and sweet, that you know they are just the perfect family and then when the shit hits the back to that middle part about the fun loving and sweet, this is some of that dialogue that just makes you know something bad will happen to this family…” Dad why do you have to work today”…” well son, they need me”…” Oh honey, you promised to take the kids out for a tree” ” Oh dear, I will..I will only work one hour of overtime.I love you all smooch smooch smooch”…Even in peril they have the family charm…like when are freezing to death and the ice is cracking all around them…” hey dear, I heard you want to go to college in California:…” why yes dad”..” well what if we take the family out there with you, and we can go to all the theme parks and hang out as a family” ” wow daddy you sure..that would be fun”. Even the military base is just as sweet…” sir they are closing in on the city, this city is going to get hit any minute by these eruptions”.. and the general’s response is” We should inform them and see if we can lead them out on a safe evacuation”. This film plays more as a bad b movie comedy than a disaster film. You ever notice how every year around this time hollywood will hit us with that one two punch..the summer disaster film, and the fall one..even hollywood this year knew that we did this genre to death.

When the family is trapped on MT. Phaeton is when the fun hits. Not in a good or bad way, but in a all out goofy way. Of course, you know they will go thru all the scenarios we seen in other films. And the scene with the helicopter, oh my god seriously. What was the pilot staring at the whole time. He looked like he was having surgery. And the military oh wow how they are represented in this film. This film will have you think, that 4 guys with guns cannot hit a moving vechicle that is escaping. That they have no common sense to run from a avalanche. And they do not know what radio silence is.

This film is harmlessly goofy. I was not bored or rolling my eyes, hell I would watch it again. But, by no means is this film recommendable as something you should rush and see. But, if you are bored or depressed, this film could cheer you up. It is just pure trash, in a decent way. If this makes sense.

5.5 out of 10