Movie Review-Frat House Massacre

Plot-The latest from Synapse is set in June 1978. Bobby is going to have fun with his friends, and a car accident happens and leaves Bobby in a coma. His brother, Shawn unwillingly goes back to college and his frat are not what they seem. They initiate new people, that somehow disappear, and when Sean is trying to get out of this frat also, he disappears and almost immediately Bobby wakes up out of his coma and goes to college and looks to find out what happened to his brother.

Review-I will be the first person to stand up and say, horror needs new blood and ideas. I hate the remakes and seeing numbers at the end of the films at the multiplex. What can part 3 give me that one and two could not? This is the sad part, while the majority of fans go out of their ways just to spend money to bitch about a film sucking, they wont support a film that deserves to be seen. It is almost like horror fans are not sure what horror is. You ask ten fans why they loved a film, most of them will tell is because I was told it was good. Which brings me to Frat House Massacre, this is the punch horror seems to be lacking these days. This is just straight up cruel, evil slasher fun. Gorehounds will get their blood boners early and keep them going thru this exercise in the new state of horror. This film is like the anti Animal House. What Animal House gave you in humor about frats and outcasts, this film gives you in very serious brutal statements. This film is a fuck you to contemporary cinema and all the kiddies who conform to it. This film is 1978 to a tee, from the drug use, disco, sex and just mentality. This film paints a very ugly picture, who exactly are the victims and the victimizers. This film is so dark, bleek and unforgiving. From the brutal rituals of pledges wanting to be accepted in a frat, to them killing themselves or being killed. You know early on, when you see Bobby waking up from his coma that something just is not right, and boy was that scene alone just disturbingly entertaining.

My question is, why did no one call the police or anyone on campus rat them out when this was going on? The blood and gore effects were top notch, and the acting was fun…this is not oscar worthy dialogue nor does it need to be. But, it is not dumbed down Scream 13 shit. This film respects the fan, and speaks to you on a level we all seem to understand. Violence, gore, brutality and sex…This film is like a adrenaline rush for 70 percent of the film it was just non stop esp. the last 30 minutes, for the few slow spots that sort of dragged, which was basically the dialogue between Bobby and his roommate, there was enough blood and guts and whodunit moments that made it all worthwhile in the end.

At the end of the day, this film was a lot more fun than it has any right to be. I would say this is definately that film that will have you horror geeks running with your paychecks to buy it. This is what we need right now in horror to keep the genre fresh and alive…

9 out of 10