Movie Review-Dorm of the Dead

Plot-Cory comes to stay with his slacker brother Will. It just so happens the day he comes to visit, a zombie outbreak is happening on campus. Can they get along long enough to survive, with their little group of college students?

Review-First time directors Tobias Canto Jr and Tyrel Good deserve a lot of credit. What this film lacks in one area it makes up for in many others. If people complain about the script in certain scenes, you get blood and zombie killing, if they complain about the lack of blood and killing, they get a witty little dialogue. The film starts off establishing Will as this slacker college kid, who does what college kids do in his mindset. He lives for the party, So much so, he forgets after talking to his family twice that his brother is coming to stay with him. The majority of the film is spent with them two either disagreeing or arguing. The film plays off a smart script. I wont call this a oscar worthy script but it was fun enough. From a character who spews all this horror knowledge and is like a encyclapedia for all things horror or sci fi to a character who mainpulates the crew while on the run from zombies to go to the library so they can get a ride with her dad and leave, but once in the library we find out that was just a scheme so she can get her video camera and tape the carnage. Then with rap music blarring, and zombies in bikini, yes zombies in bikini..we witness a zombie party. Oh lord, the music in this film was laughable. I wont be too hard on it, cause I understand budget restrictions and time restraints, but it was almost to the point,,it made the film more funny in scenes than it should have been.

This film also puts the characters in the same situations that we have grown used to. And, this film at least had the balls to admit it did it, by one of the characters talking about what happens when this scenario happens in other films. Almost like he was winking at the screen. I wont say this film is a masterpiece, but you know what it was not as bad as other zombie films with no budgets. This film felt like the next phase in zombie film making..the less is more. For 86 minutes, I had a good time with this film. This film is like Zombieland meets The Breakfast Club.

It could have been better, of course..but you know it could have been a hell of a lot worst..and the scene where the hand in on screen crawling a/k./a a million other films..was so cheap and cheesy but it was fun. A good debut….

7 out of 10