Movie Review-Big Lesbian Love Collector’s Set

Plot-This collection is called Big Lesbian Love. We are going to be talking about mainstream and indie films that either focus on or present lesbianism. Is it good or bad…make up your mind as we go thru this collection.


1.My Normal- is the story of Natalie, a young lesbian from the Lower East Side, who’s struggling to find a balance between her dreams of becoming a film maker and her lifestyle as a dominatrix…at a running time of 76 minutes, this film was the one I thought had the most promise but in the end failed to deliver. From its wooden to almost paper characters, that you are supposed to sympathize with and understand, but you just get so bored and so uninvolved in this film that the 76 minutes felt like 2 hours. This film tries to hit so many topics from trying to quit the business to how fast a relationship goes from meeting in a club to living together. They really rushed the lesbian aspect of this film, almost to the think the director had to be behind the camera wanting just to get his thrills. 60 percent of the dialogue and characters were meaningless and senseless that I almost did not care about the lesbian scenes. The most unromantic and just silly love scenes that just felt like you were watching some wishy washy people not sure what they wanted to be, or be with. And I know some reviews compare this to Chasing Amy. Um…that may be someone’s view but not mine. This is more like Cop Out by Kevin instead to me.

1.5 out of 10

2.Itty Bitty Titty Committee-From Jamie Babbit who directed a film that I was a fan of ( even though everyone trashed it) But I’m a Cheerleader. This film, focuses on a group of radical young feminists experiencing both political and sexual awakenings. OMG how much Kathleen Hanna can one person use in a film to hammer a point across? This film was better than My Normal, but lacked the humor and dark tone that Cheerleader had. The dialogue and sophomore writing was atrocious. It was clear that no one re read the script, which can be the blame for the acting, but also–even when there are bad lines, you can tell the delivery was even worst. And Carly Pope is horrible. She’s a Mc Donald’s waitress in the making and when we get to hear and see her act oh lord.. because this actress only knows how to yell or be mean. The scene at the marriage rally in Sacramento, and that great line, “Jesus, you dykes are such closed-minded bitches”. Oh wow, how feminism has grown leaps and bounds from the last decade. As a whole, I am not even sure lesbians could defend the writing in this film. They may go straight.

3.5 out of 10

3.The Four Faced Liar-Finally a film that I really was a fan of. At a running time of 87 minutes this film is about a comedy/drama, it tells the story of a group of New York 20-somethings. Bridget is a hip, womanizing lesbian who lives with her guy pal Trip. One night they meet straight New York newbies Greg and Molly at their favorite hangout, The Four-Faced Liar. Molly is a bit appalled by free-spirited Bridget but she’s also attracted to her, and in time, the friends lives are hilariously complicated when the two women fall in love. This film almost felt like a modern Love American Style. The humor was sharp and dialogue was perfect. This almost felt like a indie stab at a more diverse Chasing Amy. And it worked. By the end of the film, you will be so engaged in the characters that it felt like you were hanging out with some friends. It was sexy without trying to be sexy and the lesbian theme was played so innocently instead of being forced on you. Like you were being drawn in by the characters not being rushed by a first time director. This was fun. And makes up for the other two. This is a fun little romantic dramedy.

8 out of 10

4.And Then Came Lola-This was in the vein of one of the top ten films in my all time list and that is Run Lola Run. Now, when I heard that premise, I knew I would be extremely critical. This one though has a lesbian twist. In Run, Lola had to save her boyfriend from a drug deal gone in this loose retelling almost, Lola must save her girlfriend from a former flame. As with the German Lola, our lead Lola has three chances to get it right. While it would be really nit picking to pin point faults with this film that did not live up to the superior film, but you know what..I had fun with this film. It felt like it owed more to shows like The L Word and films like Groundhog day in terms of the delivery, but it did use a lot of inspirations from Run Lola Run. The script is ok, at times a little heavy handed. It creates a situation with the ex being so evil and Lola having to rescue her, but Lola comes across at times as so over protective and even boring that maybe the evil ex was the better choice after all. Is this a you know what out, I am glad I got to watch it and I was entertained somewhat to the point that time went by fast and the film was harmless enough.

6.5 out of 10

Lesbian 101 is over for today. And is this box set worth buying? I was really impressed with The Four Faced Liar so much so, that on that film alone I would say is almost worth the whole price tag by itself. And then came Lola, was not half bad…though, compared to the other two..this film felt like Jaws and Star Wars. Now, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I expected so much more from the talent behind But I’m a Teenager, this film felt so flat and one note..and that fucking much Kathleen Hanna music why not make her a star, it is not like she has anything going on right now. And for the record, I am a huge Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin and Le Tigre and throw in her other 40 side projects..Fakes…this and that fan of hers…but this film felt like a insult to lesbians. Almost like it fit a stereotype that america points their fingers at and laughs. This film felt like a insult to lesbianism, hell feminism as well. My Normal felt like a cash in on being a lesbian. Hey guys this film has lesbians. What a fucking monstrosity of a film. My cat could take a shit and entertain more people during it, than this film did.