Movie Review-Apollo 18

Coming to dvd and blu ray this tuesday

Plot-Another found footage film, this time it revolves around the NASA’s abandoned Apollo 18 mission where we have two american astronauts who were sent on a secret expidition..this footage will show us why we never went back to the moon.

Review-You ever notice in any genre when they find something that sort of catches on with people, they have to milk it to death? I am not saying this stuff is new, lord knows 3D has been here for decades, and found footage films have been here for decades as well. As a lot of people know this film was on the shelf for a year. When the trailers first hit everyone was talking about this film and the poster made it look like it may work. Then, it disappeared…8 months later, no trailers or posters..just a hurry rush to the theaters. After watching this film, I realize why this happened. As much of a sci fi and horror fan I am, this film is just bad. The first half of the film or so, plays like you are watching either the NASA channel or watching a really long news broadcast about the landing. And, the bad part…the footage on this film tried so hard to look like early NASA so much so, that you may fall for it. Too bad, they could not work as hard to make the movie enjoyable or characters believable. Now, the other half of the film is like alien paranormal activity. You have the two guys on the moon, and one will get in a way possessed ( I think that is the word I am looking for here) and begin to reenact every other possession film we have seen. If you seen the original trailer for this film, you seen the best stuff of the least the scary stuff. There is a big reveal in this film, and by that time, you have already given up on this film that you just think you tuned into Syfy.

Another issue I have with this film, is these guys as we are told were chosen for their intelligence, as well as how well they handle themselves in extreme situations. They had some choices they faced during this film, that even the dumbest person known to man, would have made better decisions. And it seems like this whole film was a spoiler for the big reveal. Anything you talk about in terms of what little they offer all goes towards what the ending provides.

Now onto the bonus features, the commentary with director Gonzalo López-Gallego and editor Patrick Lussier, was ( I hope you guys are sitting down for this one) really fun. They really have a good time talking about the film and have their salesman suits on the whole time, and they make the film more fun than it is. It has deleted scenes which were pretty much standard blah…and the alternate ending was even worst than the one they kept. I wont say this is the worst film ever, or even in this year…but I will say..if you rent or buy it, watch it with the commentary you will like it more. No offense, but can the found footage craze end now..this is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The Film–1 out of 10

the commentary track–5 out of 10