Metal Review – Haemoth – In Nomine Odium (2012)

Haemoth - In Nomine OdiumMan, am I ever loving me some French metal these days. They seem to be doing everything right in the horror and metal communities. With the latest release from Haemoth, entitled In Nomine Odium, the French keep it coming. This is a black metal release not to be missed. It has been 6 years since their last EP, Kontamination, was released, so it is nice to hear something new from Haemoth.

Making its debut on January 12, 2012 on Debemur Morti Productions, In Nomine Odium is simply black metal aural pleasure at its finest. From the ominous openings of Odium, you can sense something wicked this way comes. Once the lead track proper, Slaying the Blind, kicks in, you know that this is a special release. The blastbeats are delivered with intricate precision while the vocals are spot-on for a black metal release.

Demonik Omniscience quickly follows and hits you with the same intensity of the previous track, but also includes some nice melodies nestled into the track. Coming in at just over nine minutes, there is not a second wasted within this opus. It is worth every riff and melody incorporated into this track.

Spiritual Pestilence follows with haunting riffs and a slow, daunting tempo. This instrumental has some massive drumwork and makes out for the intensity that it lacks on vocals.

Disgrace follows and is right back to the sped up tempo that became the previous format. Back again are the vocals and they were sorely missed. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

Son of the Black Light, coming in at just under nine minutes, has one of the more ominous clean beginnings this way of Black Sabbath, and the finale to this album is … And Then Came the Decease, which is a splendid way to close out this release.

With this being my first listening of any album actually dated 2012, I can safely say that this one is my favorite release of 2012 so far. LOL

In Nomine Odium Track Listing:
Slaying the Blind
Demonik Omniscience
Spiritual Pestilence
Son of the Black Light
…and Then Came the Decease