DVD Review-Family Guy Volume 9

Family Guy has such a love/hate relationship with it’s fanbase. When they release these collections, either fans are going to be excited to be putting it in their hands or ready to bitch about the season to ratio of the discs. What does that mean?? Most of the seasons that are coming out are mid seasons, with the other half of the last season with it. If you are a fan does it really matter? You would be happy just to put it in your hands and wait with baited breath for the next season. That is only half the problem..the other half is to me, with the seasons going up in numbers just seems that the material is not as cutting edge or funny as it was in the early seasons. Some of the episodes this season just seem to really go nowhere and just seemed like scraps from other episodes..case in point Dial Meg for Murder and Big Man on Hippocampus, they tried to shy away from the politics and do the old school stuff like cutaways during this season..but to me, as much as I am a fan..with the emergence of Beavis and Butthead, and South Park constantly evolving and still getting more and more edgier with its material, that Family Guy may have soften up a bit for Seth to count his cash. I wont say this was the worst season, but I will say..Family Guy is really starting to resort to its old tricks to get attention instead of trying to find new tricks. And, while 9/11 jokes may seem edgier, they just are not funny. I mean come on Road to Rupert,Stew-Roids , Saving Private Brian and etc…are just genius, and this season lacked those. While not a waste, total die hards of the show will eat this up. All in all, I will watch them all again eventually and probably realize I am being too hard on them for some of this, but right now..I just know I am so tired of creative geniuses who do not use all their talent and try to skate by. This could be a good little stocking stuffer for the Family Guy nut in your family…

7.5 out of 10

Special Features

Disc 1:
Business Guy
Big Man on Hippocampus
Dial Meg for Murder
Extra Large Medium
Go, Stewie, Go

More From Fox — An Episode of The Cleveland Show with Special Introduction from Mike Henry
Deleted Scenes

Disc 2:
Brian Griffin’s House of Payne
April in Quahog
Brian and Stewie – 150th Episode!
Quagmire’s Dad
The Splendid Source

Commentary on Select Episodes
Brian and Stewie: The Lost Phone Call
Side-by-Side Animatics on Select Episodes
Deleted Scenes

Disc 3:
And Then There Were Fewer (Extended Episode)
Excellence in Broadcasting
Welcome Back, Carter

Deleted Scenes
Who Done It? The Making of “And Then There Were Fewer”
The History of the World — According to Family Guy
Family Guy at Comic-Con 2010
Commentary on Select Episodes