Book Review-Horror Films of the 1990’s

Written by John Kenneth Muir

Published by McFarland & Company
(Order Line: 800-253-2187)

I am not sure what is more shocking, that I read a book or that I am a book reviewer. Either way, this review was a lot of fun, and something different for I hope all of you will enjoy and by all means, check this book out…I will be honest, I am not a reader. I have a simple touch nook, work in one of the top two book store chains worldwide, and spend hundreds of dollars a month on magazines and novels, but they just sit there. I always try to push myself to read, but since I graduated college, I just fell out of love with reading. Until now, I just read a 714 page book in less than 5 days and was so entertained I am going to re read it. When people talk about the evolution of film, three genre’s are the proof that we are always looking for new and fresh ideas. Sci Fi, Animation and Horror. In the 80’s the slasher film took over, from Friday the 13th to Halloween, to all the films that imitated one or the other. By, 1990 people were tired of the same old formula of slasher, girl in distress, and the same old horror film cliches. This book is like a encyclopedia of how far we have evolved in terms of looking for the next ” fresh” idea. I never heard of John Kenneth Muir in my life, I was told after reading this that there are 2 other books in this vein, one about the 70’s and 80’s..after this book, I am dead set on getting those. . Covering over 300 films released between 1990 and 1999, he has created an invaluable research book that horror fans may call their bible and put it on their shelves. I mean 1990’s, Silence of the Lambs winning all those oscars, Scream trying to smarten the genre, and a little film that came along and made all of us believers thru viral marketing..The Blair Witch Project. This book chronicles each film and information such as Critical Reception, Cast and Crew, Synopsis, Commentary and his own rating, ranging from one star to four star. There are also occasional entries in the more important films called “Incantation” and “P.O.V.” Which basically is the point of view of the film makers which was really a fun read as well.

This book treats the well-known films like Scream, Blair Witch, Candyman, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Sleepy Hollow to the more obscure but no less interesting films genre fans should check out, in almost the same way. That without a smaller film a larger one would not matter. It is kind of refreshing to see someone treat almost the whole decade the same way. Also, if this was not enough to get you buy this book..Muir added to the book: Horror Conventions, which is broken down into groups. Also a 1990s Horror Hall of Fame, Memorable Ad/Tag Lines, Movie References in Scream, Horror Films of the 1990s vs. “The X-Files”, and Muir’s list of the Ten Best Horror Films of the 1990s.

All in all, this book was a easy and enjoyable read, even for someone who hates to read. I would highly recommend, hold on let me stress this point..highly recommend all you last minute christmas people, get this book for the horror fan in your family..they would love you for it. I am hoping to maybe review the earlier works and I am a fan of John Kenneth Muir. Makes me wonder what can happen to horror in the upcoming years to make it evolve. All I know in 2022 I will look for his book and reminisce about some of the films I am a fan of today.

9.5 out of 10