2011 Metal Retrospective: The Bands That Disbanded

2011 has been an odd year in metal in many ways. Over the course of the rest of the month, I want to take a look at various things that happened in 2011 in metal. Below, you will find the bands that disbanded in 2011, some of which are just on hiatus.

Bands Disbanded in 2011
Atreyu (hiatus)
The Bled
Dawn of Retribution
Disturbed (hiatus)
The Famine
Five Star Prison Cell
God Dethroned
Haste the Day
Hell Within
Jag Panzer
Machine Men
Mutiny Within (indefinite hiatus)
Oceans of Sadness
Battlelore (Indefinite hiatus)

Most of these bands, I really could not care less about, but some of them were somewhat unexpected, or at the very least, were bad news to me. I hate to see that Charon has called it quits because I have been into them for years and always found them to be pretty damned solid. I never had the chance to see them live, but I know that they album sales were marginal at best. It would be nice to see some more of them one day though.

Another band that I thought would be around a little longer was Symphorce. They actually released an album not too long ago, so this one really came out of left field for me. I was lukewarm on them, but that is much better than most of the other bands out there for me.