2011 Metal Retrospective: Deaths

Here are the deaths that occurred during 2011 in metal.

2011 Deaths
January 7 – Phil Kennemore, 57, bassist of hard rock outfit Y&T died of lung cancer.
February 6 – Gary Moore, 58, guitarist died of heart attack while on holiday in Spain.
February 23 – Phil Vane, 46, former vocalist for the crust punk/grindcore band Extreme Noise Terror, was found dead in his home.
March 8 – Mike Starr, 44, original Alice in Chains bassist was found dead in his home.
March 22 – Frankie Sparcello, bassist of Exhorder.
April 4 – Scott Columbus, 54, former Manowar drummer died due to unknown causes.
June 11 – Seth Putnam, 43, vocalist for Anal Cunt died from a heart attack.
June 13 – Mario Comesanas, 30, DJ for Liquid Metal and writer for Revolver, died from a sudden brain hemorrhage.
July 9 – Michael “Würzel” Burston, 61, former Motörhead guitarist.
August 3 – Andrew McDermott, 45, former vocalist of Threshold died from kidney failure after being in a four day coma.
August 11 – Jani Lane, 47, former lead vocalist of Warrant.
September 9 – Jonas Bergqvist, also known as “B”, guitarist and vocalist of the Swedish band Lifelover died of unknown causes.
November 2nd – Cory Smoot, also known as “Flattus Maximus”, guitarist of the American band Gwar died of unknown causes.