Upcoming titles from Midnight Releasing and Brain Damage films


Coming to dvd-Feburary 18th, 2012–directed by Jim Townsend.

Plot-Dionne Talbott and her husband, Joe Bryant, own and operate a family vineyard.
After yet another failed crop, Joe wants to give up on their dream and sell the
vineyard. Dionne solicits the help of her mother Audra, a practicing witch, who
casts a spell on the farm. The following year they have such a bountiful harvest
that they hire an old friend, Professor Frank, to help them pick the grapes.
Professor Frank arrives with four college students to join him over the weekend.
While working, they begin to notice phenomenal growth rates for the vines.
Professor Frank ventures into the woods to investigate the water supply after
their neighbor disappears. Dionne becomes suspicious and confronts her mother
about the exact nature of the spell. Audra finally admits to her and Joe the
potential threat it brings: the vegetation may attack people and turn them into
zombies! They immediately summon the four students inside the house for their
own safety. After Joe finds Professor Frank’s bag in the woods, they reach the
conclusion that he may be a zombie. Their fears are compounded when their
missing neighbor emerges as a zombie and attacks Joe and Dionne. They retreat to
the house only to realize that it has become a prison. Unable to flee or call
for help, they must stand and fight the vegan zombies the only way they can: by
concocting a counter spell and face the zombies in their own fields.

.Jim Townsend is a friend to all the blogs, and I know I have done many interviews with him, even though he does not remember my name half the time, but he is a sport and this film deserves a shot…



Coming to dvd December 6th 2011


Plot-An unknown man makes his way into a quiet neighborhood bringing nothing but
torture and pain alongside him. The police are on the hunt for someone with no
identity, the only evidence of his existence is the mess he leaves behind. When
he enters the home of Roy and Jessica, they have no idea what’s in store for
them. As the story unravels you find that there may be more motive behind the
man s actions than either of them could ever imagine.

The trailer looks promising, and the last few films from the studio have been a vast improvement from the past. I am stoked about this.



Coming to dvd..December 6th 2011

Plot-A high powered music agent brings three recently deceased rockers back from the
grave to form the first zombie punk band. Eddy, the leading character, is
dragged to the concert by his buddy Ciez, but only stays to see his
ex-girlfriend, Lisa. The show is cut short when the zombies break free and the
gruesome flesh-eating ensues. Soon Eddy must save his friends from certain doom
and becoming…Pop Punk Zombies

Talk about a film that has a lot of hype. Brain Damage may have their answer to Shaun of the Dead. This film has zombies and music…it could be a sleeper…