Movie(s) Review-Brain Damage Films fall line up part 1

Plot-Caesar is this clueless wanna be hollywood actor who has only done like extra work, he has this lazy slob half brother Otto. When Caesar picks on this mentally challenged guy to show off for a pregnant girl he picked up in his taxi cab, he finds out that this is the brother of the chief of police and when on national tv the cop tells the world he is out to get him, they decide to go on the run. They end up being camp counselors at Camp Sunsmile. Soon, their father follows them and the three of them discover there is a killer and all the counselors are dropping one by one. Will they solve this crime??

Review-Dave Campfield who plays Ceasar and also directed this, deserves a lot of credit. This is a good example of making something out of nothing. I know he is working on another Ceasar and Otto film, which after watching this one..I am all for. I know people will think this film is some Tucker and Dale rip off, but it is nothing like Tucker and Dale. This is more like the slapstick of the 50’s, well with today’s blood and gore love affair. You know Ceasar is a idiot, and his antics..are just not laugh out loud funny but just plain silly and he is 90 miles a minute. If one joke does not get you, the next 15 will find at least 50 percent making you at least smile. Felissa Rose has a part in it, as another of the counselors that Otto seems to get a crush on. And each time he tries to show Caesar he has game and goes to talk to her, she is almost coma like. Otto to me was the funniest of the two. His addiction to women and being turned down or meeting some girls with serious issues. Esp. this super religious one who thinks everything is a sin. From holding hands to even shaking hands. And would love a relationship but does not believe in sex.

The negatives, you know after watching the bonus features and seeing what they worked against to get this film out, you have to salute the efforts of all involved. Is this a 10 out of 10, no..but you know was a fast and fun 76 minutes that was harmless and enjoyable. So much so, that mild spoiler…I would love to see the next few films that Dave is working on to see where the characters are heading. I know Lloyd Kaufman was in one of the trailers for the upcoming next film and that just looks absolutely ridiculous. I think Dave from a short film he did in 2004 to get this far on almost a zero budget is worthy of your attention.

While in the past a lot of fans and critics have been so hard on Brain Damage films, in the last few years..give them some major credit..they started listening to you guys and are giving you films you have asked for. This is the film that shows Brain Damage films are on the pulse of what the future of movie making truly is.

7.5 out of 10

Plot-This film starts off with Leon and Doyle, they are just chilling and along comes a screaming Ellen. Before long, they meet their fate. Then, we meet some people who work in a bar, and a mysterious stranger comes in and invite them into a secluded desert home. Oh, you know how these things turn out…

Review-A lot of people know I am boys with Kevin Moyers and David Hayes who had some involvement in this film. I write for their site and even did their podcast. That being said, this film is awful. The first 6 or so minutes with Hayes and Moyers showed so much promise. What came after it, was just what people think a indie film is. The stigma of low budget and bad acting and just lost direction..and a director who will tell you how he is going to be the next Cameron. Well, I know this film is guilty of a few of those crimes and when I give the director this review, I think the final one will show its head. ” Oh you are a critic, a blog one at that..what have you ever done..tell me how my film should be this or that, and you could do better” Back to the film..after the cool 6 minute scene we cut to this bar and a guy just goes on and on about wanting to fuck one of his co workers and how she can get more tips. Seriously? I manage a retail store, trust me unless you work in the porn business, no co workers talk like that. Not even in a strip club which one of my best friends own and I know hanging out with him and his workers, that there are rules. So, when the film did this shtick for 15 minutes it just got too much. By the time tried to give us more of what the start promised, it just was too late. From bad music to worst acting. And, I know first time directors have so much on their plate, I hope that maybe by film 3 or 4…he picks it up and learns from rookie errors. I would say film 2, but I think he feels comfortable in his style and until he gets more feedback will keep following it. By no means, am I saying to email the director if you seen this film and insult him..but maybe tell him what you liked and disliked and tell Daniel Alexander that you are hoping he learns from this one.

2 out of 10

( and that is only for Kevin and David’s input…those 6 minutes were the only part tolerable and plus he did at least get some decent looking women who showed some spark and could work with better material)

coming to dvd November 8th

Plot-John Johnson is back and so is Skeleton Key. Nilbog is calling, yet again…and Howard hears it and once again he and his men venture through that covered bridge and back into the world of monsters. With Cornelius still trapped in the town and on the run from zombies, Howard and crew try to seek him out for a rescue and at the same time cure Howard’s all new zombie bite which has the poison in him!

Review-Horror and comedy is a hard balance. Whereas horror fans like me are always game to have both, some fans are not so open. That being said, this film is a absolute mess. You ever watch that film that you knew in the first few seconds that you were going to hate the film. I tried my hardest to fight that feeling and be open to this film, but this film is just flat. I actually watched the last Skeleton Key, and sort of liked some of it..this one was just unnecessary. I just feel some directors, just direct to direct no matter what it is. John has so much talent, and I know he is capable of films that blow this mess away, but that being said..this film is just an absolute mess. This just seemed like a bunch of pieces that were sewn together and forced to work. Like some bad skit comedy show that you know is a rip off of this or that. Should you seek this out? Who knows you guys who love cheesy bad cinema would probably be in heaven with this one. This film no offense, should be on Elvira or Mystery Science show to be dissected and it may be better for it. No offense, fans do not need franchises, they just need better horror films or comedy if that is what you are shooting for.

1 out of 10

So if any of these films sound like your cup of tea, by all means…rent or buy them asap. Esp. Caesar and Otto what a fun fucking film that is. Studios like Brain Damage need you fans to get behind them, and with films like Caesar and Otto and the other two they are at least trying, give them a shot. I mean, how many of you paid 30.00 and went to the theater and then paid 30 more on top of it for the popcorn and pop, and then the movie sucked. So, support these indies because if you do not soon all we will have is that 60.00 dollar nightmare. And, then who will we blame?

  • bejamin

    Brain Damage Film was better a few years when they were putting out weird stuff like Inexchange, Gorno, Death Factory, eat the Rich, Goth etc.. the newer stuff is Saw rip offs, and found footage bullshit films