Movie Review-The Inner Room

Plot-While visiting a cabin with her husband, Julianne becomes disturbed with horrific visions which question her sanity

Review-It is November and I have yet to see (the crazy images and mental case soccer mom wanna be and no one listens to her, and she is losing her mind and cannot grasp what reality is) film this month. And after watching this, I still wish I did not see it this month. Why in the fuck, do we just get the same film over and over each month? Is this a popular trend in film making that we need the delusional woman who looks like she is insane and her rich and successful husband is just as clueless as a porn star studying for a SAT test. This film started ok, I was along for the ride. They go to this cabin house in the middle of nowhere and have the one neighbor that is as odd as you can expect. How can they afford this house when they both seem like dumb asses and could not even handle working the fry line at Mickey D’s? And, when the husband opens his mouth to ask his wife if she is taking her just know what is going on. Even, if the director is clueless..we have the clue. There is a image here and there and when she starts to think she is solving things, it just changes.

The flashbacks, the spirits, haunted graves..Julianne and Chris are the loving couple. That is your premise for this film..sounds familiar huh. This film tries to build a story out of pieces of better horror films and thrillers. There is a few decent jump scares here and there and when the plot starts to unfold and you think things will pick up, they go back to the start with the plot again. The actors were ok enough and worked ok with what was given to them. But, god what they had to work with and against. I will be kind to this film in closing, and just say..skip it..but the word I wanted to use instead of skip rhymes with luck and buck and a open note to the director..I hope with luck you save enough bucks to make a better film next time.

3 out of 10