Movie Review-Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Coming to dvd and blu ray November 29th

Plot-This film is about two longtime redneck friends with a simple dream of owning a vacation house in the woods by a lake. They end up sinking their life savings into a run down ( aka as they called it a fixer upper) cabin and take their pick up truck to their new place for the weekend to fish, drink beer, and relax. On the way they cross paths with a group of college kids heading up to the same woods. Dale falls for Allison, but his surly appearance and inability to converse with her gives Allison and her friends the impression that Tucker and Dale are two inbreds out to harm them. When one night, Allison falls in the lake by the cabin, she is rescued by Tucker and Dale. Immediately her friends assume that she is being held captive, and they vow to save her.

Review-What Shaun of the Dead did for zombie films, I think Tucker and Dale will do for killer hillbilly films. This film blends humor with horror in such a way, that I am not so sure the common die hard horror fan would like this film. It seemed more like a comedy with a few horror scenes. I think the characters of Tucker and Dale were wonderfully written and scripted. I think that some of thekills that happen in this film were pretty genius. This film felt like it winked at the viewer the whole time. First time director Eli Craig, really made a great script that seemed like he was a horror fan. It played off all the horror cliches. Like a scene where Allison is helping Dale dig a hole, the college guys are watching them from afar and think she is digging her own grave. Of course, then they start trying to save Allison was when the film was both fun and also kind of lame. Tucker and Dale, do not know better and think the college kids are tying to kill themselves as some sort of suicide pact. It never occurs to them, that maybe they are scaring the kids and that maybe they should explain themselves a little more clearer. And the last 20 minutes of the film what a letdown. They had this pace going thru the film, and built the characters and the climax just overshot all that and hit the gas and raced so fast that it got so confusing as to why did they not slow it down and let it go another ten minutes.

The college kids themselves even though they were supposed to be annoying, were very annoying and their dialogue at times was so one dimensional and even boring that you really did not care what happened to them. This film since 2009 was all the hype, and fans like me were well aware of all the word of mouth, and the truth be told..I am glad to have seen it, it was a fun time despite the minor flaws and fast ending. This is a date night horror comedy that you both will enjoy

7.7 out of 10