Movie Review-The Sweet Life

The dvd case boasts this is from the makers of The Subsitute, (I am assuming they are talking about that Tom Berranger film where he played the teacher and went to school to kick ass. And then came Treat Williams, and many other forgettable stars and about 13 sequels. ) this is a different kind of New York story. Oh, how they hit that one on the head. The plot..this is supposedly the love story for all of us who hate love stories..ok sure, Sensitive but unsuccessful New York magazine columnist Michael, played by James Lorinz King of Frankenhooker, looks on with hopeless envy as his self-confident, shallow brother Frankie catches all the women, makes all the money and never feels a remorse at his behavior. Like, Chasing Amy to a tee without the script, actors or talent. Enter Lila, a tough, sexy bartender. Initially Frankie’s got her, and Michael gets fixed up with her biker chick roommate played by the star of that amazing Light of Day film Joan Jett, yes that Joan Jett, and I was joking about Light of Day. Then, through a twist of fate, Michael finds himself vying with Frankie for Lila’s affections. See, the Chasing Amy reference. This is basically a watered down Kevin Smith film, with boring characters that you could care less about if they were happy, sad, turned in their SAG card and sold you a burger yesterday. I have no problem with musicians trying to be actors. But, Joan Jett is basically so bored looking in this film you had to think she had to be waiting for The Runaways script by her mailbox to arrive.

Now, I had to watch this was so bad..I wanted to hear the commentary with the director and the two leads. In a 45 minute conversation they completely forgot about the film going on. So did I, do not feel bad Rocco. And the title track Joan Jett sang on that was in this film was the only thing I can recommend. Look at the cover, Joan Jett with that haircut and smile..lord have mercy she looks like she knows if you buy or rent this, you will be ripped off.

1 out of 10