Movie Review-The Puppet Monster Massacre

Plot-A group of puppets are challenged to spend a night in the Wagner mansion for a million dollars. Little do they know the owner has a monster puppet in the basement.

Review-Oh lord…where do I start on this one. First time director Dustin Mills deserves a lot of credit for trying. Not only did he direct this, he voiced a few of the puppets and was very hands on in every aspect of this film. I hope when he gets to his third or fourth film that he will reflect on this as a lost opportunity like I do. I mean when you think puppets, you think either Muppets or Team America right away. This film tried its damndest to be funny and different, but it just was such a missed opportunity. Now, the sad part..the last fifteen minutes of this film for me with the military trying to kill the puppet monster creature was where I thought, Dustin was moving away from his trial by fire and was improving. The material for the most part is so unfunny and one note that after Team America really took this schtick to a new high or low depending on how you view it, do we really need to see more puppet sex? It was done, and if you could not top it, which clearly you know you did not do..then why even try? The characters were so blandly boring and even when the grandfather is cussing at Charlie, it seemed more forced then funny. Do we think its funny when our family members down us and cuss us out? Now, if it is done with a humorous slant or tone, it could work..but this was done so mean spirited and hateful that it felt like cussing just to cuss. I mean just to cuss to me is not funny without some build up or someone who can probably make the material light up and amusing. Charlie who is this do gooder puppet virgin wants the million to re open his family business, so they wont be the laughing stock in town. And of course, our evil person Wolfgang Wagner has a evil penguin to help him out. This just looked like a bad fandango commercial telling me to buy my movie tickets now. See, that is humor and funny. This film is not. And, we have helpless Iggy puppet who tried to be funny so much that I was going to just laugh to say I did.

While I know it should be commended that someone attempted to do this film, and kudos to you for putting it out and making sure I get to see it. I wanted to like this film, and at the end of the day..there may be a crowd for this me, it just seemed so wasted…and I hear there is a sequel in the works..I hope it improves on what failed in this film. Like I said, I did like the last few minutes and thought, promise was shown through out…

2 out of 10