Movie Review-The Hike

Plot-The Hike is like a throwback to 80′s survival films set in the British countryside about a girls camping trip to escape for a while that turns into a fight for their lives.
Tamar Hassan (Kick Ass, Sucker Punch and Batman Begins)
Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel I and II)
Shauna Macdonald (The Descent I and II)
Review-This film starts off with a girl running for her life in the woods and something or someone is chasing her. She warns all these people she is passing… eventually what is chasing her not only gets her but the others. Then, we cut to 5 women who as this film begin we learn are needing a girl’s weekend just to leave the stress of life. Tori (played by Barbara) in the beginning gets into this big fight with her controlling man. Which leads to the other girls helping her escape and they take off to this countryside for the weekend. Once there, the film shows a certain faith in both its actors and even the audience, not to rush things. It almost builds the film knowing that all this will play into the film in some form or fashion. They meet a group of questionable people, a guy and two girls who the guy just seems like he is a violent maniac and the girls seem scared. Then, they meet three guys who seem very nice and the girls seem to take a liking to them. When one of the girls goes missing is when the film changes gears and it starts to use the location almost like a character. It was almost like the Descent minus the creatures and underground. The film is not overly bloody. But it is overly violent. If rape, or abusing women turns you off. This film may not be your cup of tea. This film touches on a few things that are taboo, and I will not spoil it. .There are a few scenes in this film that are really bizarre and when the character explains what is going on, makes the bizarre just pure depressingly sick. This film centers around ex-soldier Kate and what she is going thru and in scenes like when the girls hang out with the guys to swim or climb, you can tell Kate has her own issues. Now, you watch a film like this and think, it delivered this and that. But the finale will let us down…The finale was the climax this film needed to go from good to great. This film has that ending that you never see coming and when it happens, you stand up and are proud that you watched this film. This film is a must see, and according to my press kit. It has won a few awards and is playing thru Lionsgate UK. This film is a good tense thriller that delivers the goods.

8.5 out of 10