Movie Review-ThanksKilling

Coming to dvd Nov. 8th

Plot:Its Thanksgiving and there is a 500 year old killer turkey that has been awaken to kill off some college kids and whoever comes in its path. You been stuffed..gobble gobble mother fucker….
Review: You know in the first 5 minutes if this is a movie for you. I mean the opening scene has adult star Wanda Lust topless, with the turkey telling her she has “nice tits” then proceeding to kill her. This movie makes fun of itself in so many scenes, that you can tell the director did not want to be taken serious. The acting is cheese, the script is non existent. But, this movie has so many fun scenes and so many things going for it positively I could not hate it. There is a scene that involves the turkey pretending to be someone’s father and the kids don’t know the difference, that its so absurd that there is a goofiness to it. The Turkey has so many one liners, that are so beyond cheesy and absurd. This movie gets points for trying, it does try hard. And, the special features on this dvd, esp. the blooper real, is really fun to watch the crew have a blast with this movie. If you have not seen this movie yet, it would be a fun little treat. If your with your friends, and drinking heavily this movie will be your cult classic.

I will give this 6.5 gobbles out of 10