Movie Review-Superheroes

Plot-This documentary is about people who are “real life” superheroes. Grown up people who wear costumes and fight crime. It also asks us- is this normal? Do people read too much into comic books so much so, that they think they can go out with a costume and fight evil? Along the way we are introduced to several grown ups playing and actually thinking they are superheroes. At times, you almost think there is something wrong with them, and at others you are trying to rationalize this behavior by thinking ” hey as long as they do not hurt anyone”. But, what happens when they are the ones who get hurt?

Review-There is this one superhero called Mr X Treme and he tells us this story of how he is a 33 year old security guard by day and night he puts on this costume and goes to fight crime and enlists people to form a league with him. I wish I was joking. A lot of the so called ” superheroes” in this film, all came about from either they have no faith in their city’s or state law enforcement or some sick fantasy being a comic book character to escape who they are. To watch this film was almost eye rolling, but not as the film is bad, but how far these people take this lifestyle. Mr Xtreme tells us what makes a superhero and some code they live by. Which basically means a social life is out the window and forget about dating. They show us fight techniques, and also you get a cameo by Stan Lee who has to be saying to himself…” seriously guys you are taking this stuff too serious and will get yourselves hurt”. There is a scene in the film where they show one of the heroes close to this college campus and the cops come out and you can tell the cop was thinking he was talking to a mental case. ” You cannot be close to campus with a tazor, or teargas, and whatever else he had on his utility belt”. And they interview the cop, and he acts like he is talking about a small child..” I cannot watch this person get hurt and that is what he is going to do”. Then they have king geek himself, who looks like a cross between Lips of Anvil, and a middle aged overworked accountant who is some kind of icon to the others who is called Master Legend. This to me even though it did not try was comic gold. I was both worried and laughing the whole time. Here he is fighting crime with a beer in his hand and a cooler in his van with ice cream treats for the kids. And one scene these drunk party girls are fucking with him, and he is telling them he has a boner. And the other superheroes are praising him and this bozo looks like the only criminal he has fought is mayor mc cheese.

And Master Legend, oh I wish I was posting all these signs all over the place for the Groper. A man who gropes women and runs away and one scene he is telling some girls about ” have you guys had your ass or breasts groped recently”. And he is dressed like the jewish underdog. This film to me was a absolute blast of a good time, and the sad part I think it wanted to be taken serious. All in all, a great little 82 minutes of goofy geeky insane people, who have some serious issues. Or do they? You decide, I say see it.

7.5 out of 10