Movie Review-Mangus!

Coming to dvd December 6th

Plot-Mangus! tells the story of Mangus Spedwick ( played by Ryan Boggus) who has this dream to play Jesus in his high school’s annual production of Jesus Christ Spectacular. It seems this role is a rite of passage in his family, as his grandfather and dad has played this role. Well the story starts off oddly enough, he wins the cannot be any better. And of all a sudden a tragic accident happens and he is handicapped and his two friends are dead. Now, comes the question can a handicapped person play the role of Jesus, and why are all the town folks at the PTA meetings wanting them to recast the role…

Review-Director Ash Christian knows his stregnths and he plays on them. Watching this film reminded me of a few others films in parts, namely Saved for its dark humor, and strangely enough Hamlet 2, for its almost mocking religion in a way but yet embracing it in another. You got bit parts from Jennifer Coolidge, Heather Matarazzo and John Waters. 3 people who know dark humor and controversy pretty well. What works for me with a movie like this, is the uncaring feel it has with the subject matter. Mangus is in a accident, almost immediately instead of caring about his well being, the town just takes to protest him being cast as Jesus. Sadly enough, that is a sign of the times. This whole film deals with the line between what is morally right and what is almost damnable. For me, watching the trailer before the film kinda made a joke out of something that probably was not meant to be a joke. In the start of the film as he is on his way to the school rehearsal, his whole family tell him to break a leg and someone makes the comment to break both of his legs. Almost like a cruel and very dark premontion.

This film is being billed as a cult classic, but I am not so ready to jump on that bandwagon. While some of the dialogue and characters were ok, the main character of Mangus was so flat and one note at times, it got so repetitive.. some of his dialogue and actions were so lame to the point I wanted to mute the tv. When he goes to live with his mom in the trailer park, the film was supposed to pick up steam..but it just felt like it tried too hard to be something it could not be. Ash, knows his stregnths and the material in this film is not that bad, the script is not that bad. The casting of Mangus and maybe Jennifer Coolidge not the smartest move. Am I the only person who is sick of her playing the same person film to film? I would say, 50 percent of this film I can recommend. The other 50 percent..made the good 50 percent a little weak. Not a waste, but not really a film to run around and brag about either. So, it may be worth a rental cause comedy is such a weird market, what makes me laugh may make others annoyed and vice versa.

5 out of 10