Movie Review-Look Season 1

Coming to dvd/blu ray this tuesday…

Plot-This film plays off our voyeuristic fantasies. If you ever thought about what goes on in people’s life at certain times. It clearly stresses that the post 9/11 america has changed forever in terms of the notion of privacy. Basically meaning, nothing we do anymore is in private. Says we are captured at least 200 times a day and from stores, to gas stations, to bathrooms..we are always under the watchful eye of someone. It tries to even bring on the paranoia by creating this show that has central characters that each episode is caught in weirder and weirder situations.

Review-I know porn has been doing this for years. And according to some sales sheets, they are big sellers. Films based on people who have no clue someone is watching. It is like driving by a car accident. Most of us do not want to look out the window but the majority of us are drawn into this situation and feel the need to watch from afar. The use of security, hand-held, and other cameras to shoot the entire show is intentionally unsteadying, and the technique works well. The series does obviously not use real-life security/embedded cameras, as many actual cameras (such as rear-view automobile back-up cameras) have no video memory capacity, but we get the point. The graininess, odd angles, and shakiness of the hand-held cameras lends credibility to the visual presentation. This show almost feels like a watered down in perverse. Like a scene where a security guard is being hit on by two girls who he thinks he can score with. And, in the next few minutes he watches them in a change room with all his friends on their security camera and we find out they have penises. If this is exciting to you, this show could work for you. From a gas station attendant, who helps out a homeless guy who pukes all over the place and his co worker talks shit to him. Then, as the series goes further, we delve more into their lives and the homeless guy gets arrested and the gas station guy is playing a concert at his gas station. Look does not fall into the typical showtime/Hollywood trap of moralizing the characters’ fates. The seediest, ugliest deeds go unpunished. Indeed, the people who suffer the most are typically misunderstood misfits who fall victim of the depraved acts of vulgar selfishness –sometimes inflicted with cold, calculated intent. The series intertwines the lives of otherwise seemingly unrelated characters. This works well most of the times, but sometimes Rifkin pushes it to far and it seems forced and really fake. In a later episode, for example, in which a half-witted card shark is revealed to be someone’s dad, while not really offering no rhyme or reason for this. Just to throw it in to make a plot around something that just seemed so odd to talk about in the first place.

I love the concept of us being watched, and it does create a paranoia..but this show is so tame and does not go for it, that I cannot recommend this show to anyone who wants a cutting edge show. I mean, the premise alone seems cutting edge, but in a few shows, it just seems like another tired plot twist that this show does at least once every 49 seconds.

3 out of 10