Movie Review-Lizard Boy


Plot-Lizard Boy” is director, Paul Della Pelle’s debut feature film, he also co-wrote the script with Bruce Brown. The film is an action/comedy/horror that also pokes fun at science and asks the question, how far is too far when it comes to cloning and other genetic experiments. We get to meet the doctor’s reptile son who they named Carlo early in the film then by using flashbacks along with present day we are brought up to speed on how exactly this Carlo was created and why he is hid in a room, as time goes on and as Carlo is free and begins to kill more people,  police and those in charge of the lab begin to take notice and now it is time to stop that lizard.


Review-Cinema Epoch has shown shades of brilliance in the last year. With films like Dismal and now this. Dismal, like Lizard Boy start off fairly strong and as they gear towards the end start to lose steam. Lizard Boy is a comic take on those saturday morning 50 creature films we all grew to love so much. This film shows Gino Conti who is a brilliant scientist trying with his wife unsuccessfully to have a child. And somehow or another, Lucy who is a komodo dragon, snake and lizard hybrid proves to be the perfect host and when Gino’s wife gives birth to this lizard boy, they try to hide it from society. During a scene that involves Gino and his friends playing video games, the son comes out and kills one of his friends. It is so slapstick and bad gore that you know they were shooting this film just for the fun cheese factor. And on that aspect this film does work. This reminds me in certain parts of another b movie this year that tried so hard called Mold!. I mean, the lizard boy outfit is pure cheese and so fake looking, it was a blast.  The film is fun for the most part, till the last 20 minutes then it becomes so one note and redundant, that you almost wish it would have ended sooner. But, this was a good fun ride for the most part. All in all, this film could have been, should have been..but ultimately it was fun enough to recommend. Cinema Epoch is getting there…


7 out of 10