Movie Review-Leach

Wes Chandler is a film director, he gets arrested one night on his way home from a movie shoot. In jail, he makes a friendship with a police officer named Ron Leach. As fate would have it, Ron has a script of a film he is writing. As part of a deal, Ron will help Wes with his film..if Wes helps Ron with his. Wes soon finds out that Ron is a corrupt police officer and the film he is making may be more than Wes bargained for.

When they first agree to work on Wes film, oh boy..that should have warned me what was upcoming. They are filming an interrogation scene, and Ron comes in with this Smokey and the Bandit cowboy hat and fake moustache, playing the cop. Wes talks to the actor who is playing the guy wanted for questioning and says ” whatever you do, do not tell him anything or speak up”. Then, behind the actor’s back he tells Ron make him talk improvise if you need to. At first, the kid is laughing at Ron, acts all tough and has the cast and crew laughing behind the scenes and then things change drastically when Ron brings in a huge black man who pretty much has his way with the guy until he says he will talk. and you feel sorry for the guy. And, the next day during lunch, when the young actor is humiliated about the scene, Wes refuses to cut it out and basically insults all his friends and the actor. And, you think..oh wow this film could not get any more disturbing..and without giving away any does…and it is pretty disturbing. And credit to John Taylor, where most films fuck up and have to show you all this stuff to get your attention and try to oversell the scenes, this film implies the scenes and you know they are happening. That is when Leach picks up really fast and becomes this cat and mouse game between Ron and Wes. When Wes packs his family up and moves and changes all his plates and empties his bank account to go into hiding. And Ron, just wants Wes to live up to his half of the deal and help with this film so he hunts him down. What worked for me, Ron has the badge and system of the law behind him, and there is a scene where Wes is in jail and Ron is at Wes’s house hitting on his wife and playing with his kids. This film is basically an ordinary man, who one day just out of the blue something out of the ordinary happens and how he will deal with it. This film is such a fresh breath of relief, I will not sit here and tell you it is original, but I will tell you it entertained me from start to finish. From the acting, to the script, to how subtle the hints of what is going on were– to the wanting to see what happens next feeling. Leach is for real, and John Taylor has made a must see film. This film created the character that in the first 25 minutes you hate, then in the last 1 hour and 15 minutes you are rooting for. I think the title is Leach, because this film crawls into your skin and gets your nerves jerking and has you on the edge of your seat to the final scene..where you smile and say..thank you and want to spread the word. Also there are a few scenes in this film that were so awkwardly paranoid that I wish I could go into detail about, but it would ruin the selling point and surprises this film has to offer. This is the film fans have begged hollywood for. What a intense character study drama. A fucking must see film…

9 out of 10