Movie Review-Klown Kamp Massacre

Coming to dvd on December 13th

Plot-What do you mean you have not seen Klown Kamp Massacre? Well, let me tell you what you are missing out on. This is the best Klown film yet. Better than Killer Klowns from Outer Space, 100 Tears, and all the other clown films. You get great humor, some fun nudity and a lot of blood. This film is just pure fun. You cannot watch this movie and not laugh and have a blast. You guys are so fast to take a date to a movie and spend 50.00 on something that you both will hate. This film you can buy for less than half of that, and have a great time and watch it over and over with friends. The theme song alone is worth the price tag. They do the Klowny the 13th song. If you liked what Kung Fu Hustle did for karate films, you will love what these guys do for Klown horror. There are so many scenes that I want to talk about, but they are so beyond silly and awesome. Esp. the scene where one of the people run up a tree to hide from the killer klown. Support this film. This film has more heart than 99 percent of the crap hollywood pushes out and you give it billions.

Review-On a request from Preston at Film Bizzaro, I had to see this film back in January…and he was absolutely right, this film is pretty awesome. Originally the release for Troma was supposed to be summer, but fuck it..this is a better time..what a christmas present this film would make the most die hard clown horror fan. Or even better, the most die hard horror comedy fan. The title suggest silliness, and the film delivers. This is the best film Troma has put out since Tromeo and Juliet. In the last few months, Troma has been getting a little bit better with some of the films they are putting their names on, but I will say this..this film is just such a throwback to old school Troma. I know David and crew have really worked hard to get this film out there and noticed, and lord knows this film should sell millions. I just know this film has a 99.99 percent success rate of people who have watched it and not raved about it, even the most die hard fans who will shit on anything, are kissing this film’s ass.

All in all, see this film, buy this film and be proud that indie cinema is alive and well..this film is beyond a must..way beyond..

10 out of 10