Movie Review-Jabberwock

Anyone who is a fan of the Syfy original movies know one or two things up front. 1.They will fall between made for tv eye rolling boredom. Or 2.They will be direct to video cheese. In all fairness, they have minimal budgets and not really the most time to film. I feel like Spike, Syfy is the alternative to the channel surfer, by giving you enough bad acting, hot actresses or actors depending on what you like, and very campy violence that will either keep you amused by its absurdity or have you wanting to go on a computer and blast it. When I seen Steven R Monroe’s name attached is when I knew I had to see this film. You talk about a director that has a on and off resume. When he is on..his films are really a fun time..( ex. the remake of I spit on your grave, Left in Darkness) but when he is off, he is really off the mark..( ex. House of 9, It Waits, and quite frankly in all due respect the rest of his resume) This is a director who has made a living making cheap direct to dvd and tv horror films. This film falls between 2 emotions I had watching it. Both hilariously bad that you had to laugh, and hilariously bad I wanted to fall asleep and shut it off.

Plot-So what is this Jabberwocky thing? It is a winged creature that flies almost like a dragon meets serpent hybrid. Cid is in the middle of nowhere and sees this thing come from the sky and take his friend away. Cid escapes to a village and warns the villagers of this mythological creature that they only heard fairy tales about. Little do they know Cid has led this creature to the village, on the creature’s pursuit to kill Cid. The creature attacks the village and kidnaps Isabelle, a local girl that one of the main characters is smitten by. And as you can guess, this crime cannot go unpunished. So they are off to pursuit the Jabberwock.

Review-A few months back, I interviewed Kasey Barnfield and she was telling me about how this film was over a year old and that they worked against a blue screen and were so excited to see what the Jabberwock would look like. The Jabberwock was supposedly extinct after the roman’s 100 years ago drove them into extinction. If this is the case, why was there no reason given as to how a jabberwock is alive in this film? And boy when this creature attacks the village, there is a scene with one of the main characters named Alec and he is trying to stab the monster, it almost looks like a special needs kid trying to bust open a pinata. You just knew they filmed this on a blue screen and then the monster supposedly throws him, that looked even worst. And Kasey’s acting, oh lord. She just looked like she was at a improv trying to overact the others in line to get a role. She must have thought this film was shakesphere. And there is a fight scene when the guys in the village all band together and go after the jabberwock, and they are at this mountain fighting. Oh man, this is pure syfy heaven for you fans who drool over all the made for tv originals they kick out. And of course in all these mid evil period piece need the dying father who spits out wisdom. Like when he tells his son before he leaves to go save Isabelle, ” even a dying man can see you love that girl”. Now, I know why Steven avoided letting me interview him or give press for this film. This film is watchable, and bad. I mean, if you know what to expect going into it, you will be entertained by its awfulness. But, I am thinking Monroe does not care about what he puts out just as long as it is on tv, fans watch it, makes a dvd, fans buy it and most importantly he gets paid.

The sad part, talking to stars Kasey and Michael Worth, they have great attitudes and personalities. If this film used more of the natural them and not this garbage here like they tried to be serious actors in a non serious film, it may have been more watchable than it was. American World Pictures are a great company, and it sucks to down a film by them, but sorry…

3 out of 10