Movie Review-In a Glass Cage ( Tras El Cristal)

Plot-Thanks to the people at Cult Epics we have the new high definition transfer of the 1987 classic In a Glass Cage. Confined to an iron lung following an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a former Nazi doctor named Klaus is visited in his isolated country home by a mysterious young man named Angelo, who professes knowledge of Klaus’s history with adolescent boys in the concentration camps doing what he called experiments.

Review-You ever felt a film just grab you by the throat, and not let you go. Though, it lets you gasp for air a few times, but it just grabs you and will not let you escape. This film is that film. It felt like a rubber band that would just get tighter and tighter, and you were trying to figure out what exactly is everyone’s motives and what exactly do we want to occur or happen. This film creates a diverse and perverse mood and also a question of morals. If you committed a crime, is purgatory the holding pattern where you are helpless and get to watch those crimes reenacted in front of you and you see yourself for the monster that you witness. This film is almost like a cat and mouse game, that knows how to milk a scene for all it’s worth. With the soundtrack and scenery, the camera shots felt like a star all in itself. Even a simple scene of filming a person’s eyes felt like it was important. At first when this film begins we witness the evil that was Klaus, and when his suicide attempt is failed he is confined to an iron lung. You just know when you see him in it for the first time, that this film is going to give you something that you will talk about. The device alone looked just fucking eerie. And, to see him in it, you almost feel pity for him. When, Angelo comes into his life and the both look at each other the first time, you just know there is something that just not seems right. Angelo claims to be a nurse but when Klaus’s wife tries to get him to administer a simple shot on the maid, he does not know what to do and then she knows there is something going on. When, Klaus tells Angelo stories, the description is so vivid and almost shockingly beautiful in a very sinister way. They are so detailed that you think Klaus took pleasure in his crimes but regretted them at the same time. And, when Klaus’s wife is so torn on where her life is heading and why they are confined to that house taking care of him, you can tell her motives are escape. And at times, she punishes Klaus by either unplugging the iron lung where he cannot breathe, or shutting the power breakers. And when Angelo decides to become Klaus is when the film goes from bizarre to just flat out insane.

Told in subtitles, and with a ton of special features..this blu ray it is hard to think of who I could recommend it to. I mean, I loved the film but this film will really divide an audience with its subject matter. This film builds suspense from the slow pacing and very detailed storytelling. This film all around was a well acted and gifted set of actors and actresses. This film creates a paranoia that I have not felt since Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Like a simple scene where Angelo holds Rena and says he will sleep with her. Here is this almost grown man, and a kid who cannot be older than 10. And just the look Angelo has in his eyes, makes you wonder what he will do when they get in that room. All in all, this film is something truly unique and odd, so much so, that I am a fan. And the last ten minutes of this film, are so disturbing that if you thought the end of A Serbian Film was special..this is even more so. A must…

10 out of 10