Movie Review-Evil Dead 2-25th Anniversary Edition Blu Ray

Plot-If you are a visitor on this site or any horror site, film site or know the name Bruce Campbell, or Sami Raimi for that matter, you may have heard of this film. Ash is the sole survivor from the first EVIL DEAD, he returns to the same cabin in the woods and again unleashes the forces of the dead. With his girlfriend possessed by the demons and his body parts running amok, Ash is forced to single- handedly battle the legions of the damned. It is hard to believe it is almost 25 years since I first got to see this film at a midnight movie where did the time go.

Review-This is Lionsgate’s 25th Anniversary blu ray that die hards like me, knew when the first one came out last year it would only be a matter of time till they gave us this definitive collection. For those of us, ( me included) who bought the other blu rays of The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 that were previously out, should you double dip? My answer is yes. The sound and picture is crisper and clearer, than the cloudy one that came out some moons ago. Included is a new 90 minute feature-length documentary plus “SEVERAL” other never before seen featurettes. For all you Evil Dead fans that have waited for this, it is finally here and priced under 11.00, this is beyond a must. And I know Evil Dead are so notorious for releasing, and rereleasing different versions each week, but this has to be the last one. They cannot improve on this unless they are going to put it on reels and bring the plates to your house to build it up and play it on a theater screen.

In case you have not seen this film, this is a bonus to the review…tell us more about Evil Dead 2….This is a Looney Tunes horror film that has laughs, blood starring Bruce Campbell as legendary character Ash. This is the prequel/sequel to Evil Dead. This cabin in the woods, Ash and his girlfriend go and they play a tape recorder of a professor who recites from the book of the dead. And next thing you know, it is Ash vs The Evil Dead. This is what we call in film, a must see…this blu ray is quite possibly the best blu ray release yet by Lionsgate. It is under 11.00 and you should stuff some stockings with it this holiday.

10 out of 10