Movie Review-Crowbar: The Killings of Wendell Graves

Plot-The debut feature of Scott M Phillips is about a couple who move into this house and something just does not feel right. Could it be the strange neighbors or the legend of the neighborhood and what happens when strangers move in.

Review-Horror is a hard genre to figure out sometimes. And beside metal fans, horror fans are pretty critical and always vocal. What works for one film may not work for another. And what scared us yesterday, may bore us today. That being said, Crowbar seemed like a 104 minute montage of better known horror films. Whereas some studios have the mindset..” give them blood, boobs, and torture, they do not need a script” This film was so dialogue heavy that maybe more blood, boobs and torture could have helped it. It seemed like Scott had a checklist, ” ok we got this..check..we got that check,,,creepy music check”. This film has every horror scenario you have seen in every slasher film. The kills were at least passable. The long drawn out posing with the lights and smoke when the killer entered the frame was not so much. It almost cheapened the kills, just for how goofy it was. When the couple start to figure out things, it takes so long and the dialogue is so slow, that you just wished they chopped 20 minutes off it and just cut to the chase. What worked for me, was the house warming scene where her friends came over and the killer gets a hold of them. And the last 20 minutes. I give kudos, they failed with one twist that you see a mile away, so they attempt two more before the ending..both of which make zero sense, and made this wide open for a sequel, which I hope if Scott thinks about, he reads some of the reviews and takes notes of what worked for the film and what to skip. For the few directors who get it right on their first film, they fail later down the line and leave. The ones who start off learning from their early mistakes, seem to have better resumes down the line. This is another sign that Chemical Burn is getting serious about the genre. All in all, while not a great was at least a watchable film

3.5 out of 10