Movie Review-Create a Creature

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Plot- Create a Creature is a 2 hour costume and makeup tutorial. Creating costumes and creatures does not have to cost you a lot of cash, and they teach you how to do it on the cheap. They give you 10 different creatures and also a few costumes.

Review-With shows like Face Off, it is becoming sort of a trend for people wanting to show off their talents in makeup and costume design. This 2 hour tutorial is hosted by Trevor Overton, who also goes by The Shape. He gives his resume to us, 5 years in the biz and worked on this and he does have the talent and it shows. For me, this tutorial is so easy to follow..not only does he talk to you like your a beginner but he also has the steps on the screen written down for notes. And, how he kept all the kids still to apply make up is a miracle in itself. I want to talk about horror victim, cause she sure looked very familiar to me. I think she is someone I deal with a lot. All jokes aside, not only does he apply face make up and each time, he walks you thru it, like he has not talked about it before which was a fresh breath of air..whereas most people say, ok same as before but we will do this different and it confuses you. This one, each time is like baby steps and even for the most slow person, they could catch on. He not only shares with you what materials you need, but basically tells you what is affordable and pricey. And the pricey stuff he tells you what you could use instead, and helps you on a budget. Cathy the witch, this is the only reason they sent me this screener. ” James will dig Cathy so much, he will forget anything negative about the film”. I will say this, the pirate stuff was a little too much. Now, if I was 8 I would want to be a pirate, but beside Johnny Depp, I disagree with them saying pirates are popular today. That being said, they teach you man and women make-up. And kudos for using white and black people to make up.

All in all, I have seen 6 different ones of this sort of documentary learning tutorial and this is the most in dept I have seen yet, and also the one I think for the price of the dvd is well worth it. So, if you think you have what it takes to learn how to do make up or just want to do a zombie walk or halloween with your friends, this would be a blast. Or, even a date. Tell someone, come on over to my house and lets play with horror make up. Who knows??? All in all, this is such a fast dvd that it did not seem preachy or trying to be smarter than me, that I had fun with it and did learn something from it. Good stuff…

8 out of 10