Movie Review-Chillerama

Coming to dvd/blu ray this tuesday

Plot-It is closing night at the Kaufman drive in, and Cecil the owner when he is not busy thinking about offing himself, he is showing to a packed parking lot 4 out of print hard to find films..and with titles like Wadzilla, I Was A Teenage Werebear, The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, and Zom-B-Movie–you know this movie is not going to take itself serious and give you some fun. Think Creepshow meets South Park.

Review-This is a very disturbing homage to old school b movie horror film. Wadzilla would be the best sales pitch I can give you for the film to see if it is for you. Miles tried to donate sperm and was denied, he meets a doctor that has a solution for this problem. It seems his sperm is weak, and alone. ( do not ask) So he undergoes a ” spermopery” and now has a sperm strengthner. To make him have stronger sperm. So, every time something makes him aroused he has a burning/shooting pain in his balls. And when this happens, he has to find a way to release this quickly before it grows too big. So basically, if he has impure thoughts he has to masturbate. Well, he is going to pick up his blind date and once he sees her, he gets those thoughts. And rushes to the bathroom and when he is done, he accidently loses the sperm when he tries to kill it. It ends up being thrown in toilet water and growing. Now his sperm has taken over the city and destroyed everything in its way. Eric Roberts who has a cameo in this film appears as General Bukkaki. And when the sperm is dry humping the statue of liberty it is so absurd, that you have to laugh. Now,the low point…story 2..The second story is a werewolf-beach boy musical with homosexuality as a central subject. It almost felt like a Twilight set in the 50’s with a few musical numbers. To me, this was just a waste of time. One of the songs is when Peggy Lou tells main character Ricky to stop looking away when she talks. And, that leads us to story 3..a weird take on the diary of anne frank and mary shelley- Joel David Moore’s in his best role in a very long time. He plays Hitler. While the people in his army speak real german, Hitler speaks south park ish german jibberish. And his wife, who has slept with all the soldiers and plays Hitler to be a idiot, that this film is so comical and even when they create this frankenstein they call Meshugannah ( played by Kane Hodder), it just continues its humor and dark subject matter. This was just all out funny. It was like a real life South Park episode. Then, came promise of something so vile, and disgusting that I was really hoping they would have taken it further. Deathication. This is obviously a take on faces of death hyped up trailers and other films of the yesteryear that promised that the film would change you and the way you watch films. This film promised you, you would shit. They talk about raping you with sodomy and then pray to a cross with poop on it. All in all … Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Tim Sullivan, and Adam Rifkin created their take on Grindhouse and this was a lot of fun.

Zom-B Movie which I wont go to much into, was a fun blast of just over the top blood and gore. This film is heavily tongue and cheek, even in its gore tries to be funny. And, like most comedies..some people may like it more than others. If you are a fan of Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, and also a fan of South Park..this film is calling you…

7.5 out of 10