Movie Review-Bones: The Complete Sixth Season


If you have never seen Bones before I go and review the 6th season..let us recap and maybe get some new fans into the best show on Fox television. Bones is almost in a CSI meets Psych vein. Starring David Boreanaz as  FBI special agent Seeley Booth and Emily Deschanel as anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan whom Booth somewhat sarcastically nicknames “Bones. Each week follows a premise that all you crime drama people dig..a murder has been committed and a body found. The team’s job is to figure out who the victim is, how he or she was killed, and how it was done and etc… that part doesn’t differ from other shows on television. What sets Bones apart is the humor that is injected into the show. David Boreanaz. Yeah, I found it hard at first accepting him in this show, watching him in a new role, seeing as how I’m a fan of Buffy and Angel. But it helps that Booth is a change of pace character for him. Along with his wry sense of humor..Boreanaz brings such command, self-assurance and charm to his character that I became a fan of this show by the end of season one.


Which brings us to Season 6. As we saw in the Season 5 closer, our crime-solving team have separated somewhat on their own agendas. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth has been recalled to active military duty. Dr. Brennan is going thru Indonesia in search of man’s true origins. Hodgins and Angela are in France. And the heart-broken Sweets had gone on sabbatical and become a goateed piano player in some bar. It would take seven months and Dr. Cam Saroyan’s dire straits at the Jeffersonian Institute to reunite the old gang. The Season Six opener (“The Mastodon in the Room”) reminds us that Bones can still deliver a kick in the crotch, as she wipes the jungle floor with a crew of armed guerrilas..but as good as the opener was..Season six was a mixed bag for me as noted earlier it started really good, but I felt that a couple of episodes towards the middle lost me a little. I am happy to say that the second half of the series returned me to being a true bones fan. Where the last two seasons sort of lost their directions and spirit, this season started to go back to it’s roots somewhat. We are given another fantastic season finale and a really sad plot. The one thing I did love the most was the further character development and how all the small characters that work on the various investigation are going through their own changes as well as the two central characters.
The very end of season six has left me desperate to find out what is going to happen in season seven. The story continues to evolve, the characters get better and season six was the best season since season 3. What is also so smart about Bones is that BONES supports the notion that a man and a woman.. cannot be friends without eventually becoming more than friends. And, yes, this applies even to someone as detached and clinical as the world’s foremost forensic anthropologist, Dr. Temperance Brennan. And in this season the sparks fly between our two.


Bones is good fun…so I hope if you are new to the show, you at least give it a shot..if you are a fan and was mad at the last few seasons…Season 6 for the most part…delivered what made us fans in the first place.


What about the special features…this delivers the good check this out you get

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7.5 out of 10