Movie Review-7 Nights of Darkness

This film basically chronicles the last few days in the life of 6 reality show stars who on April 30th 2010 go to an abandoned asylum called Madison Seminary. First time director Allen Kellogg who is clearly working on a shoe string budget tries his best to recreate the other 50 paranormal films we have seen as of late. Not to say this film is that bad, or that good. It just offers really nothing new or different to this done to death genre as of late. They tell us this footage that fills the 90 minute film was pieced together from what was found. Another concept that maybe 9 years would have seemed different and creative. ( now before someone tells me these films existed before then with blair witch and others, what I mean is that there was not one film a week) For a prize of 1 million dollars, these 6 have to stay alive and not leave for the whole week. We are told in the opening seconds that noone had the chance to claim the prize. You know this film will be almost like smoke and mirrors, with the constant use of different cameras and flashlights. And to play on those fears of things that go bump in the night. And to tell you the truth, some of the scares could have been so much more effective if the actors would have been more patient with their screaming and cussing. It was so absurd, that if they passed by a window one would scream annoyingly and the others would scream cuss words. And, when this happens probably could forgive it more than happening every 45 seconds. There are hot women, and guys who are so annoying and not even entertaining, like they are at a Friday’s dinner theater night, and trying to act out the menu, and just out of place, you wish them death. And when Lina screams so much, it gets to the point you want to mute the tv. She is annoyingly bad. Now, the color to b/w and then black and white to color got distracting. And, no offense, I know if I was a first time director and knew tricks to compensate a budget or shot I could not get..I would use them all. In one of the daily tasks they have to do a seance, during the seance..Lina gets all possessed and falls out cold. Now, she becomes possessed. And, this is where I felt the movie got things rolling. While not original, at least the possession scenes with Lina were a little average and for a film like this, I will take average. This film just was a paint by the number reshoot of all the other 50 other films that came out this year. I wont say it was the worst of those films, but if you are a fan of films like The Feed, Grave Encounters, School in the Woods and etc…and seek out this genre, this film could make you smile. Kellogg has some talent and he obviously has his feet in horror and seems like a fan, I would love to see what he can come up with next. Just please not a 2…And this film has a box comparing it to The Ring and Blair Witch..I will do one is better than I expected it to be, but clearly it still was not a good film by any means.

I will be fair…3 out of 10